Flourless banana pancake, chicken and bacon pita and more, at Directo al Paladar México


One more week, we are going to review the recipes that our colleagues from Directo al Paladar México have prepared during these last seven days. You will see that in today's relationship there are a lot of appetizing proposals and among which it will be difficult for you to decide on just one.

Fortunately, you do not have to limit yourself to a single recipe, since you can choose between very varied ingredients and the most surprising flavors. What attracts me the most about this walk through Mexican recipes is how different they are from ours, with what I like to learn about other cultures!

What do you think if we start with some chicken breasts in poblano pepper sauce? Awesome! I suggest accompanying them with a fried rice with vegetables and pineapple or some bacon-stuffed chambray potatoes. You will tell me which of the two you choose, because I don't know which one to decide on.

If you like Italian recipes and pasta is one of your favorite dishes, you will love these chipotle spaghetti. Remember to use chipotle chili in moderation if you don't like recipes that are too spicy, because if you go overboard with it, you won't be able to eat this dish.

We come up with three proposals that are ideal for a dinner in front of the TV watching your favorite program or an interesting football game. To start some shredded beef and bacon tacos, we continue with the famous grilled Cheese Sandwich and to finish a juicy chicken and bacon pita.

We finish with two sweet recipes, to leave a good taste in your mouth. First of all, some real lemon cupcakes, super refreshing. Second, don't miss this original flourless banana pancake, very quick and easy to prepare.

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