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If I tell you “I cook 2.0” maybe it is one way, only one, of defining Dani Albors and those who know him will say that he is not the most fortunate. But surely he will be happy that we define him that way, because that is how we have known him. Although in the presentation of his book Pupilas Gustativas, last Friday, we were able to de-virtualize him.

Dani Albors is a cook, although the most important thing is a cook who knows what he wants to do, perhaps that is the best definition in this book. A set of recipes from Dani's kitchen, and although he has left the kitchen of his restaurant Cal Dani in Alcoy to dedicate himself to other gastronomic tasks.

I really liked the book, mainly because it does something that is very necessary in the kitchen. But not in the kitchen of large stoves and star chefs if not in the kitchen of all houses. I mean that emotional involvement is necessary in what is done.

These emotions can come from memories, as is the case, or even from what you recreate yourself while cooking. Here we can find recipes dedicated to people who have inspired them but above all respect for tradition and the products that the land gives.

In short, we are dealing more with a story in the form of recipes than with a traditional recipe book. A different way of approaching the person who is Dani Albors.

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