To take care of the health of your mouth, these are the ingredients that you should avoid at your table

Our diet is not only linked to the chances of being overweight, but what we eat is closely related to the health of our entire body. Therefore, if you want to take care of your mouth, we show you the ingredients that you should avoid at your usual table.

Thus, as there are foods that are beneficial for the health of teeth and mouth in general, there are others like the ones shown below whose higher consumption favors the development of oral problems and therefore, we should avoid them in our daily menu:

Free or added sugars

The sugar added to food or present in honey, syrups, table sugar and snacks in general, which is quickly absorbed in the body, is the preferred substrate for bacteria that cause dental cavities.

Its consumption is directly related to the risk of tooth decay, as indicated by a study published in the Journal of Dental Education and therefore, if we want to protect the health of the mouth, they are ingredients to avoid at the usual table.

In addition, the stickiest foods with sugar that spend more time in contact with our teeth such as jelly beans, chewy candies or muffins and cakes with caramel inside are the most dangerous for our teeth and mouth.

Of course, sugary sodas, cookies with sugar or snacks such as granola bars for example can also be harmful, since they increase the number of times of the day when we eat sugar and with it the chances of suffering dental cavities.

To replace these foods and the most commonly used sugars in the kitchen, we recommend using artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols such as sorbitol or maltitol that are not cariogenic, or stevia or steviol glycosides.

Alcoholic drinks

Whether it is to cook or to accompany many dishes, alcohol is often present on our table and as a study published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology points out, it increases the chances of suffering from oral and dental diseases.

Thus, alcohol is another component that we should moderate in the kitchen and in our usual diet if we seek to protect the health of the mouth, being able to substitute beer or wine without alcohol or 0% so that they do not have sugar or alcohol in their interior and thus, are more friendly to oral health.

Fruit juices or acidic drinks

In many dishes we usually add fruit juices to flavor, to accompany or simply to incorporate a different aqueous medium to them.

These, because they contain sugars and an acid pH, contribute to the erosion of dental enamel and also offer substrates for cariogenic bacteria, as indicated by a study published in the scientific journal Acta Odontológica Latinoamericana.

Either natural fruit juices, freshly squeezed, or commercial ones are ingredients that we should moderate at our table if we want to take care of the health of the mouth, as they have free sugars (natural or industrial) and are acidic, especially those derived from citrus .

Instead, we recommend using whole fruit or flavoring waters with small amounts of fruits, herbs or vegetables, but not consuming the juice as such.

Flavored yogurts

Although dairy is linked to better oral health because it is a source of good nutrients such as calcium or vitamin D, flavored yogurts are a concentrated source of sugars inside and can also have an acid pH in some cases.

Therefore, among all the yogurts that we have at our disposal, it is advisable to choose natural yogurt without added sugar or in its replacement, milk without more, since all the options derived from flavored dairy have added sugar inside.

You know, the main thing to take care of the health of your mouth is to reduce in the usual diet the presence of sugars as well as acidic foods and alcohol that can damage tooth enamel and increase the risk of periodontal diseases.

Of course, proper oral hygiene will always be the best complement to a healthy diet to take care of the smile.

Image | Unsplash and Pixabay

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