Walk through the Gastronomy of the Network: 17 recipes to enjoy outdoors


It may be that we come from a warm and sunny Easter, or perhaps it is because I just left my Murcia in the middle of the Spring Festival, but my body asks me for recipes to enjoy the good weather. Although there is a sudden downpour, this time is ideal to share delicious dishes on the terrace or to take on a picnic and excursion. In the Walk through the gastronomy of the network this week we have many perfect proposals for this plan.

We must take advantage of spring before summer arrives and the first heat wave surprises us, although we have to pack a cardigan just in case. These are days to have a snack dinner on the terrace or in the patio, to organize a picnic in the countryside or on the beach, or to go on a family hike in the middle of nature. And we cannot forget the food, with simple but appetizing recipes like these.

Light and very fresh recipes

Although in my family we never completely abandon hot spoon dishes, we do incorporate fresher and lighter alternatives to our menus, perfect to leave prepared in advance in the fridge. One of the things that is never missing in my house as of spring is the pisto, and with how much I like it, I cannot believe that until now I did not know the Valencian titania. In Bego's La empanada light we have a delicious recipe with its pine nuts and tuna, great to take as is or to fill empanadas or canapés.

I was also seduced from the first look by Kitchen and Love's zucchini and avocado batter with basil, with a beautiful green color and such a honeyed texture. We could set up a first-class menu, also adding the appetizing octopus with two sauces from Laube Leal, or the fresh and healthy salad of black rice and sardines from En Mil Batallas.

Tapas and snacks

If we prefer to have a lunch or dinner based on some tapas, we also have many original proposals this week. I have to start with the Murcian sailors that Cooking Between Olives teaches us, just in time to pay homage to my land at their festivals.Few tapas are so simple and at the same time so delicious. What if we accompany them with the stuffed mushrooms from La cocina de Tesa? I have been craving a little of the homemade brava sauce from Skipping the Diet.

In the classics of me, the tapas menus cannot miss the "round" bites. We have, for example, the eggplant dumplings, a vegetarian recipe from Aisha's kitchen. They would surely make a good pair with the mustard and honey sauce with which Los Blogs de María accompanies some delicious chicken croquettes, while in Para sincar el teeth we have a snack of creamy cheese with walnuts and salmon. The kale and gorgonzola fritters from Cocido de Sopa don't sound bad either, also inspired by our partner Maria José.

Field trip, to the beach or a picnic in the park?

As I mentioned at the beginning, spring is the ideal time to go on a hike or have a picnic before the summer heat gets too hot. There is nothing like enjoying a good walk outside and then recharging with homemade food. If we don't want to complicate things, a sandwich is always a good option, better if it is as suggestive as the 2 Bread Slices fried eggplant sandwich, with egg and confit onion. And if we go with kids, they will surely love Circus Day stew and tuna empanadas, with very funny shapes.

Finally, a tribute to another essential dish for picnics and outdoor tuppers, the tortilla. At La Cocina de Enloqui the classic potato omelette awaits us in all its essence, to which each one can give their personal touch. For its part, LaFuente de Recetas shows us a juicy artichoke omelette, while Lucía from Cocinando el Cambio has chosen to fill it with artichoke and also sweet potato. Would you like a slightly different alternative? Well, the fennel, mushroom and fresh cheese frittata from Delokos looks delicious.

I hope these recipes to enjoy the good spring weather have whet your appetite as much as I did. Hopefully the next weekend is sunny and we all have the opportunity to put these ideas into practice to share with family or friends. I wait for you in seven days with a new Walk through the gastronomy of the network, which will possibly come very sweet. I wait for you!

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