Walk through the gastronomy of the network: terrifying recipes to celebrate Halloween


October advances unstoppable. We are already in its second half, thinking about the Halloween party, which is celebrated on its last day and to which this week's walk through the gastronomy of the network is dedicated. Today we arrive with terrifying recipes to celebrate Haloween, with the purpose of making it easier for you to organize your festivities.

We begin by winking at all those terrifying recipes to celebrate Halloween that you have published this week, which are many and very varied. Interesting decorations and impeccable staging worthy of professionals, which have left me speechless. And not out of fear, this time, but out of wonder.

I want to start my walk with the most traditional proposals among those that you have sent us and those that I have been able to find. The ban is opened by Carmen de Yerbabuena's caramel apples in the kitchen, with an elegance that cannot be denied, and Mary's black candy apples from Los chatos chefs. For the more conventional and those who resist adopting the fashions.

There are many of you, most of you, who have already fallen into the networks of the Anglo-Saxon Halloween aesthetic and who are enthusiastic about ghosts, witches, monsters, mummies and the like. Your proposals are fun and endearing, as with the carrot and cream cheese cupcakes by Lidia from O from Atrapada en mi cocina or the mummy cookies stuffed with pumpkin by Laura from Sweetaddict.

We continue in that tonic with Carmen, from the blog Well, have 2 cups, which accompanies your coffee with a peculiar sweet, some witch fingers that are the most successful. Less visually impressive but also perfect for our coffees, teas, breakfasts or snacks, is Montse de No's zebra sponge cake without my taper, how it reminds of a spider web!

There are proposals that are worth eating, such as the mini monster cakes, or mini monster cakes, by Bakerella, fun, colorful and delicious, the ghost pears of Maite de Antojo in your kitchen and the chocolate pizza with Mabel's spider web from A Nobody Bitter a candy.

Breaking my habits, today we close the walk with the salty recipes that, although they appear in a clear minority, are still, therefore, less interesting than the previous ones. And if not, you will tell me what you think of the alien egg tartlets from Lidia and Raquel, two sisters with a lot of creativity in charge of the ideas Department blog. This is a sample of it.

In a different line is the colcannon, a typical Irish recipe with which Yolanda, from Cocido de sopa, invites us to enjoy Halloween. A proposal that transports us to the very roots of this festival of Celtic origin and which surrounds a lot, but a lot, tradition.

And with this we end today. We say goodbye with a new theme for next week's outing: spoon dishes that comfort body and soul. Time invites you to prepare them so, if between October 20 and 26 you publish recipes that meet this requirement and you want to be included in our tour, contact us using the following form.

Images | Trapped in my kitchen, Yerbabuena in the kitchen, Well, have 2 cups, Department of ideas and Cooked soup

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