A walk through the gastronomy of the XXVII network


I leave you with my selection of five links that I have liked the most from last week of my walk through the gastronomy of the network, number XXVII. Recipes, various curiosities, do not miss a single one. And if you want to leave us any more suggestions, you just have to say so. For now today they play recipes and more.

  • A recent discovery that looks very good. She makes some really good recipes, and if you don't look at these 64ºC Eggs Benedictine with Heston Blumenthal bacon, crispy bacon and sprout salad with sweet mustard and miso vinaigrette from the Unami Madrid's blog.
  • I was surprised to see a post called Ode to a potato omelette that left me on the Maikelnai's Blog. And that's where I can read.
  • I don't usually blog about wine. I sometimes feel like a stranger in this area. But since I really liked this Kracher tasting in The back room of ...
  • In the Gastronomic Laboratory they give us a recipe for brown rice risotto.
  • And I don't know if I told you about the change of look of the Faithful Cook and by the way you can see his video soufflée of potatoes, I mean his website. Same as the web change of fried Webos.

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