Walk around the cuisine of the network. Varied recipes from the sea


We arrived on the last Tuesday in January, and therefore with this weekly gastronomic walk we say goodbye to the first month of the year. I find it somewhat strange to think now that we are starting 2013 with a selection of chocolate recipes for the New Year, and time flies. It seems that it happens more quickly if we season it with good dishes, such as the delicious fish and seafood recipes that I bring you today.

I am not a big meat eater but instead I am passionate about seafood. A good fish, if it is of quality, hardly needs anything else to give us a first-class dish, just respect the conditions of its cooking. There are varieties and recipes for all tastes and it is also a very healthy food, so fish and shellfish can be a good ally at this time of post-Christmas diets.

To start this walk we have some great recipes that can be used as an aperitif, a starter or as part of a snack menu if we have guests at home. In Alsurdelsur we see a classic, the mussels, which are given a special touch with a spicy filling, and also something spicy are the eels with garlic shrimp from La cocina de Vero al minute. Two recipes that can be ideal for a celebration at home are the crab canutillos de Universo, very original, or the colorful salty salmon and prawn cake that Espe Saavedra has prepared.

I have a soft spot for white fish, but was recently surprised to hear that they are boring fish in the kitchen. Obviously, that person could not be more wrong, and we have very good recipes to prove it. For example, in Kitchen of our time a special touch is given to the classic hake with a mayonnaise gratin, while in Mi Alacena they tempt us with a delicious monkfish in green sauce.

Another very present fish in our kitchens is cod, which we can prepare in a thousand ways. In Mamá's Recipes they dress him in the irresistible romescu sauce, and in Canecositas Recipe book he acquires a spiritual level with a typical Portuguese Lenten recipe.

Grilled or grilled fish is a gastronomic delight, but so are stews and spoon dishes, which are so popular these days. Thus, we can combine seafood with legumes and prepare nutritious beans with mussels and prawns, such as those from Con la luz de mi cocina, or opt for homemade stews such as cod with potatoes and rice from La Casa de Lalaina.

And it is that rice gives us options for all tastes, either emulating risotto like Pusoronenito does with its rice with prawns and squid, or giving an original touch to the Murcian cauldron with the addition of octopus that sweet Cosicas offers us ... and some salty.

Sometimes preparing fish or shellfish for cooking takes a bit of work, but the end result is worth it, as Samira's kitchen with its stuffed squid shows us. Although in the case of the Andanzas y Rutinas recipe, some artichokes with prawns, we will have to entertain ourselves a bit cleaning the vegetables, a job that will have its rich reward.

And finally, I bring you two recipes that have captivated me by the combination of flavors and the attractive presentation. A delicious lobster with orange juice with aromatic herbs, the work of Bavette, and the showy crusted salmon with spinach from Carmina en la Cocina.

I hope you liked this weekly walk as much as I did and that you have been able to write down more than one idea for your menus these days. Remember that fish is a very healthy food and that it is also perfect for these dates of diets and Lent. With the end of the month I say goodbye for the time of the walk, but do not forget to return in a week to see what delicious recipes my partner brings us to take over.

Images | Sweet things ... and some salty ones, Espe Saavedra, Bavette En Directo al Paladar | Walk around the cuisine of the network. Spoon sweets and desserts

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