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This past week I have had very little desire for him to give me the air, I think that because of what is usually called spring asthenia, so while I was doing the royal jelly and not wanting to even move on the gastronomic walk through the network, I have taken a look at what we have inside the house, or what is the same, I have been cheating on the self-confessed gastronomic blogs of the commentator-friends of DaP.

Anita Cocinitas is one of our followers and yesterday I saw how she made homemade pasta.

I have followed Ondakin for a long time and here we have him preparing a fennel, broad bean and Parmesan salad.

And with what I like condensed milk and lemon, tears like fists fell when I saw that surfzone prepared a lemon and condensed milk cake that screamed "eat me ..."

We have known mer-romano for a little while, but we already know that her blog is HoneyBunny Flying Free and where she goes from time to time.

Imchef has taught me more about the color blue in gastronomy, he has very interesting things to learn and reflect on on his blog.

I think gastromaniac defines itself as a gastronomy crazy, in DaP we are not going to tear our clothes for that, there are already a few of us here ... and I like their videos

We have discovered Jose Emilio by cooking and thinking to bits about Sobre cocina y otros and making things like homemade bread.

Eganta has not been commenting for a long time either, but he is capable of cooking things as delicious as this strawberry and cream cake (without egg).

Behind Carbassa hides the popular Sara María from the blog Delícies del rebost and where you can find dishes as surprising as this artichoke cream with black sausage.

Finally, just before closing to go to rest and, being aware that I still have to name a lot of blogs of many friends who follow us regularly, I want to show the blog that crodrigo8 showed us in a comment, and it seems that they know what they want, it is very complete in gastronomic information.

Photo via | morguefile - hotblack
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