Walk through the Gastronomy of the Network: 13 very "rolled" recipes for New Year's Eve dinner


In this week of transition between Christmas and New Year's Eve, these are days when we continue to think about what to do for the festive lunches and dinners that we still have. Today is Tuesday, the day of our classic Walk through the Gastronomy of the Internet, and this time we suggest that you roll with us to prepare these 13 delicious recipes where rolls are the protagonists.

One of the Christmas figures, gastronomically speaking, are the sweet and salty logs. Perhaps for some they have a slightly "old-fashioned" style, but let's face it, in the end they are always very practical for parties, when we are many diners and we have to distribute. Today we show you a few different proposals so that you can find your favorite among all of them.

We started with the salty arms. Here we show you several delicious options such as this impressive arm of monkfish and spider crab from "La Cocina de Frabisa", with an authentic Galician flavor and that you just want to see.

As this salmon roll that we train from the blog "Come and taste" also looks delicious, a colorful and not complicated starter. Another fantastic salmon puff pastry, but this time with a Middle Eastern touch, is the one that Juana has prepared from the blog “La cocina de Babel”.

Although if yours are small rolls, nothing better than these simple salmon rolls and sliced ​​bread that the little ones in the house will love as an aperitif, this time prepared by the blog "Valkicocina".

Changing the type of fish, in this case pink and prawns, we find this salty arm of piquillo peppers stuffed with fish and seafood with pink sauce from the Malaga blog “Mi cocina”.

We turn to meat, in this section we find a classic, but no less delicious, Wellintong sirloin from the blog "Gossip and gadgets" and also another version of an Iberian sirloin in puff pastry, simple and inexpensive, but also very rich , from "El blog de Rosa".

In the sweets, we find a great variety of trunks, rolls and arms, each one with a special point and all too appetizing. We start with a Christmas sweet log of sweet potato and walnuts from the blog "La cocina de Mesilda", a simple, quick recipe so you don't spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Also very Christmassy this version of the blog "Delicietas" of its Gingerbread Christmas log, perfect with its spicy aroma that without a doubt takes us to Central European Christmas. Although to fly, we continue with an addictive Christmas trunk of Nutella, that you want just to look at it, from Alma from “Target: Perfect Cupcake”.

In a less classical way, but also maintaining the arm or roll type structure, we find this fantastic apple strudel from the blog "How I eat", or this delicious bread from Cádiz from my beloved Patri from the blog "El Trasgu de las cookies" or even as its name suggests, these spectacular cinnamon rolls from the blog “Rústica”.

With these recipes so "rolled" I invite you next Tuesday to a new Walk through the Gastronomy of the Network where we will bring you new recipes, as always the best ones that have been cooked that week in the blogosphere. Happy New Years Eve everyone!

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