Walk through the Gastronomy of the network: 13 sweet recipes to prepare on the bridge

Today is December 6 and it is a holiday on the occasion of the anniversary of the promulgation of the Constitution of 78. As the day after tomorrow is the day of the Immaculate Conception which is also a holiday, many of you will have taken the opportunity to make a bridge or travel. In case it suits you, we have selected for this Walk through the Gastronomy of the network 13 sweet recipes to prepare on the bridge.

We are sure that even those who read this post after the mini-holidays will find these sweet recipes useful to finalize the Christmas menus, so without further ado we are going to see what is cooking in the kitchen of these blogs that star this week our Walk on the Net.

We started with Ana María's white chocolate and raspberry mousse glasses from the blog Cocinando entre Olivos. A simple and elegant dessert that will undoubtedly inspire you. We continue with another dessert presented in the same format, some glasses of cheese mousse that María from the blog Mamala My kitchen diary has prepared with all care and that you will surely want.

We continue with another dessert presented in small glasses, Bea's mascarpone and raspberry cream, from the Blogosfera Thermomix blog, and we are convinced that these desserts in individual sizes always work well. We change the format and present a very simple fruity dessert that Sonia de L'Exquisit invites us to try. It is citrus gratin with coconut cream, an original proposal that you will undoubtedly like.

Begoña from the blog Las recipes de Marichu and mine, has prepared the classic Russian cake from Bilbao, which brings me so many memories. I haven't tried them in a long time, so I already know how to make them homemade. Another sweet dish with local roots is the Mallorca chocolate and orange bitters that Ague de Ses Cuinetes has taught us to prepare. If you don't know them, you have to try them.

We continue with another spectacular recipe: it is the apples stuffed with cheesecake that María José has prepared from the blog Mj's recipes. Congratulations on that presentation. Another original idea, the pumpkin pancakes from Nieves from the Dulce y Salado blog. You have to try them.

A sweet that you have undoubtedly tried because it is a classic in all houses is the baked cheese cake. On this occasion, Carlos from Mercado Calabajío has prepared a wonderful version full of explanations and photos of the step by step. It never hurts to watch these tutorials to perfect our technique.

I know that you are also going to love Silvia de Chez Silvia's recipe, a nutty cake that takes your breath away and is ideal for Christmas. I also loved the persimmon persimmon cake with egg whites from the blog La Cocinera de Bétulo.

We finish with two other recipes full of flavor and with a complicated name. On the one hand, the Linzertorte by Lola Homar on her blog Lola Cocina, and on the other hand, the Jalousie of almonds and grapes by Silvia from My Sweet Temptation.

Next week, rested or exhausted after the long December bridge, we will return with a new Walk through the Gastronomy of the Network, which will continue to have a Christmas flavor, given the dates we are already in.

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