Walk through the gastronomy of the web: 11 proposals for dinner and not complicate your life!


Let's face it, I'm sure many of you are infinitely lazy to think about what you can prepare for the last meal of the day. I join you, I confess that when I have cleared the kitchen having to dirty it again to prepare dinner is something that surpasses me, that is why I usually throw in boiled vegetables, French omelets or any other recipe the simpler the better. That is why the walk through the gastronomy of the network today is dedicated to proposals for dinner.

The truth is that there are many possibilities to vary our concise (at least mine) habitual repertoire and have a varied dinner without having to get too complicated. All this without forgetting that since it is the meal of the day that is closest to our rest time, it should be as light as possible, especially if we do not have time to space the time between it and the moment of sleep. These are the 11 proposals that I have found in your blogs this week and that have conquered me at the moment.

If there is something that I really like for dinner it is creams, I take the opportunity to try to make them as varied as possible, although I don't always get recipes as interesting as these two that I have found: Silvia's cream of carrots with crunchy quinoa in Chup chup chup and the one published by Aurora and Elena in their wonderful blog Canal Comer y Vivir, a pea cream with basil oil

For those of you who like zucchini, including myself, this zucchini and basil cake from Amparo that you will find in Cooking at home seems like a delicious and very original recipe, even for a dinner with friends in which we want to show off a bit. . And these stuffed zucchini gratin with mayonnaise from Raquel in Cocinara are a light and tasty option that should also be taken into account.

Vegetables are great for dinner, as they are light and filling. As I have told you, I usually prepare them boiled and served with a drizzle of oil and salt, that is why I especially liked Reme's proposal, a baked cauliflower that I have seen in his blog Al sur del sur, the pint is great, the same than grilled asparagus and their Marga mayonnaise in La cocina de las casinas. I think I already know what I'll prepare tonight.

If you would like to incorporate fish into your dinners, nothing like a recipe that enters the eyes, like this spinach and salmon puff pastry from Ana y Blanca that you will find in Game of flavors or the original Mayte tuna toasts in Rustic, Do not miss the wonderful step by step that he has taken, the photos are beautiful and it is worth preparing this recipe.

Lately, vegetarian recipes have triumphed, that is why I wanted to incorporate one into my walk today. Alicia from her blog Sabor a strawberry proposes a quinoa with tofu and cherry tomatoes that has to be delicious.

I finish with two chicken recipes, the favorite meat of my children, so I can change the way of preparing them a bit: a teriyaki chicken and its garnish from Alice in Alice and her recipes and some chicken wings roasted in barbecue sauce from Patricia in Flavors and moments that are sure to suck your fingers. See you next week with another Walk through the gastronomy of the network, cook a lot!

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