Walk through the gastronomy of the CXV network


In our walk through the gastronomy of the network this week we are going to go through rich proposals, most of them have to do with the season and the dates in which we are. But I don't want to tell you anything, better read it for yourselves.

  • Pumpkin is in season, so you have to take advantage of it with, for example, a pumpkin sponge cake like Javi Recetas.
  • Or we can also make a pumpkin cream like Nina's Kitchen.
  • I find these Blueberry Crumbled Muffins from the Hands in dough blog irresistible.
  • In Speed ​​Spoon they want to scare us this Halloween, and if not look at the kiwi and mint potion.
  • The wind fritters are also from this time and we can see them in the whole kitchen.
  • Surprising is the apple pie from Xabier Gutierrez's blog.
  • Finally, it could not be a better ending than the oatmeal cookies from the blog Tentaciones.

Photo | Daquella manner Directly to the Paladar | Walk through the gastronomy of the CXIV network

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