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While other countries begin to recover their routines during the month of August, in Spain it is still the summer month par excellence, in which everything seems to be running at a different pace. It also happens in the blogosphere, with many virtual kitchens on vacation or taking things slower these days. In spite of everything, in our gastronomic walk today we bring new very appetizing proposals, in keeping with this time, where if there is a product that reigns, in my opinion it is summer fruits.

I usually say that I like summer less and less, because apparently with age I am losing tolerance to heat, but I recognize that nature is wise and was right to reserve some of the best fruits for the hottest season. From early apricots to peaches, nectarines, Paraguayans, all kinds of plums, grapes, and classic melons and watermelons, summer fruit is fantastic and offers plenty of play in the kitchen.

An idea that does not fail when it comes to taking advantage of fresh fruit when the heat is on is to prepare cold desserts. To start, Paula de Mi Enredadera tempts us with a very seductive recipe, the Selva Negra ice cream, with cherries, chocolate and Kirsch. German-inspired also comes to us the beautiful and refreshing melon and yogurt ice cream cake from Noema, from Intercultura y Cocina, decorated with kiwis and watermelon.

More classic but irresistible are the recipes for sorbets and slushies, which may seem simple but well prepared are an explosion of flavor in the mouth. Take, for example, the proposal of El Oso con Botas, with an original melon, vinegar and herbs sorbet, very refreshing. And one of my personal favorites brings us Con Sabor a Canela, the watermelon slush, with just the right amount of sugar.

We move on to cakes and pastries, always with the prominence of summer fruits. This is how they baptized in La Cocina de Frabisa their beautiful summer fruit tart, with pastry cream and topped by a variety of fruit that provides a rich color. In Flor de Canela we have another recipe that starts from a base on which to add a filling, although in this case it has opted for the version of crushed cookies in its appetizing apricot and yogurt cake. For her part, Helena, in El puchero de Helena, proposed a different touch to the typical yogurt cake, with its integral version of plums and walnuts.

We continue with the cakes, and the options can be almost endless.To work with fruits, recipes that start from a base are usually the simplest and also the most gratifying, such as the Meringue and Raspberry currant cake, beautifully full of that beautiful red color of the fruit. For chocolate lovers we have the option of A Freír Asparagus, an irresistible truffle and cherry tart. And if we want to get less complicated in the kitchen, Lena from Delicious Stories shows us how to make a fantastic dessert with her simple peach and raspberry cake, on a puff pastry base.

Finally, we cannot forget about drinks made with fruits, which can be a great way to refresh and hydrate on these hot days. In Cocina sin Fiedo we have for example a simple but rich and healthy melon and carrot juice, very nutritious. And for a more festive occasion we can prepare the original Cocido de Sopa pink lemonade, with lemon, red berries and a touch of mint or spearmint.

I am passionate about fruit and in summer I suffer a kind of block when it comes to choosing which variety I want to eat more of, but surely each of you has your favorite. Encourage yourself to prepare any of the recipes that we have seen in today's gastronomic walk or take advantage of the inspiration to play with the fruits that you are less used to taking natural, they will surely surprise you in some delicious recipe. I wait for you next week with a new ride and more ideas to take advantage of the end of summer.

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