Walk through the Gastronomy of the Network: comforting recipes to take in a tupperware

When summer is over, we offer many recipes to take to work, and what happens the rest of the year? In these colder and sadder times, surely many have run out of ideas to plan meals outside the home, but the Walk through the Gastronomy of the Network comes to our aid. Today we have a good selection of comforting recipes perfect to take in a tupperware.

You already know that for a dish to remain appetizing hours after leaving home it is essential to keep food juicy and without losing texture, so grilled steaks are more than ruled out. The good thing about winter is that spoon recipes and stews are great, but we can also lean towards sautéed or dishes well accompanied by sauces.

Legumes to go

Chickpea stew with mushroom from Following Nenalinda

We started with ideas to continue eating legumes outside the home and without falling into boredom. In Following Nenalinda we have a rich chickpea stew with cassava, a small typical shark in Galicia that is left to dry and can be cooked in many ways. Instead we can use salted cod or, why, our favorite fish.

Paula from With the claws in the dough this week presented us some wonderful beans with borage and clams, a very complete dish with very seasonal products. If we prefer more exotic flavors, we have the recipe for wild rice with mung beans from La cocina de Bétulo, and the lentil curry with rice from Silvia at Jugando a las cocinaitas. Do not lack variety!

A tupperware full of vegetables

Purrusalda with Soup Cooked cod

It seems that only in spring and summer fresh vegetables abound, but nothing could be further from the truth. We are in a delicious season for lovers of the green, and with good products we can make dishes as rich and complete as the Mediterranean rice from Charo Cocina. It also has a touch of fresh orange that I will certainly try at home, to complement the lemon that is never missing from my table.

Yolanda from Cocido de Sopa is quite right in stating that spoon dishes are the easiest, and her purrusalda with cod proves it well. With seasonal vegetables and enriched with fish, although we can do without it if we prefer a vegan recipe. And curiously vegan are the proposals from Cocinando con Neus and Ó carón da Lareira, chard with curried potatoes with coconut milk and a quinoa sauté with vegetables; dishes without a doubt very nutritious and tasty.

For meat lovers

Veal corner in orange sauce from Mercado Calabajío

And now we are going with recipes dedicated especially to those who do not want to give up meat eating out, with four different recipes that are not the typical chicken with tomato. We started with the suggestive corner of veal in orange sauce from Mercado Calabajío, a dish that I would accompany with rice or couscous in the tupperware, without scratching with that delicious sauce that is also very seasonal.

A classic of lunch boxes and lunch boxes are the meatballs, which in María's blogs they have prepared following the recipe of No sin mi taper with their Mallorcan meatballs. In Mari's recipe book we can find the exquisite recipe for port cheeks on chestnut puree with potatoes, while Isabe from La cocina de Morenisa offers us some ribs with potatoes for especially cold days.

Majorcan meatballs from No sin mi taper

Do you usually eat out? Do you prepare homemade dishes to take to work? I hope these ideas help you on those days when we all lack inspiration. I say goodbye to our Walk through the Gastronomy of the Network for this month of January; next week it will be one of my colleagues who will take over to continue discovering recipes from the gastronomic blogosphere.

Cover photo | Cooking with Neus
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