Walk through the gastronomy of the network: fourteen nutritious recipes with legumes


I remember that, when I was a child, there was nothing I disliked more than finding myself a plate of stewed vegetables to eat. My grandmother always told us that they had a lot of "food", but at that time, that mattered very little to me. It may be that I have had my birthday or that one changes over time, now I love legumes and I recognize all the nutritional virtues that my grandmother attributed to them, that is why my gastronomic walk today is dedicated to them.

Some dry legumes cooked correctly or canned, if we are short of time, constitute one of the most complete foods that we can cook and can be prepared in the most varied ways so that they do not become a boring resource. This week I have enjoyed touring the culinary blogosphere and discovering the recipes with legumes that I bring you today.

I start my walk with two original hamburger recipes that I really want to try, because I have never eaten them from legumes. The first can be found in Silvia's well-known blog, And I'm still in the kitchen, who prepared some chickpea and zucchini burgers. For his part, Ajonjolí proposed us some bean and pumpkin burgers from La flor del zucchini.

I continue my journey with two proposals for salads, a way to prepare legumes valid for both summer and winter. At Food & Chic I found an appetizing chickpea salad with yogurt. And Locasita, in I like to eat, made a bean and tofu salad.

In this category of salads, although they are not named that way by their authors, it would also include Neus's proposal, some fesols with mushrooms whose recipe we can see on his blog Cooking with Neus, and Miquel's, in Les receptes del Miquel, some beans of the ganxet with salad and egg. Both delicious judging from the photos.

I finish my compilation today with a bunch of spoon recipes with legumes, a classic way of preparing them but which also allows a great variety depending on the ingredients used: * Chard and cod stew from My adorable kitchen. * Chickpea and spinach stew from Anita kitchens. * Beans to the Moroccan style of Cuina del Marroc. * Chickpeas stewed from Pebrots verds. * Spiced lentil cream with soup Cocido curry. * New England style beans from Grapes and cheese. * Vegetables curry with chickpeas from Pepa Cooks. * Vegetable soup from What I like is cooking.

I hope I have given you ideas to prepare your menus, for my part I intend to gradually make each of the recipes in this compilation, as I am sure they are all delicious. I wait for you next Tuesday with a new gastronomic tour. Until then, cook a lot.

Photos | Cooking with Neus, Zucchini flower and Pepa Cooks Directly to the Paladar | Walk through the gastronomy of the network: love is in the air

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