Walk through the Gastronomy of the Network: return to normality with spoon dishes


I know that many will continue to indulge in the whim of having breakfast with roscón de Reyes for a few more days, but the truth is that their last crumbs mark the final end of the festivities for many. gastronomy on the web is the recipes for spoon dishes that inspire me to return to normality.

Soups, creams, stews and stews find their place at the table again after so many days of gastronomic tributes, with comforting and nutritious dishes ideal for dealing with the cold storm. We have a varied selection for all tastes, from recipes for light creams to more complete plantains of legumes, including exotic options. Would you like to rescue the spoon as much as I do?

Delicious and smooth creams

Cream of Carrots from Grandma's Kitchen

I have taken my mother's habit of having a vegetable cream in the fridge for winter dinners, without complicating the preparation. I miss the simple ones like Victor's homemade carrot cream in La Cocina de la Abuela, with a touch of cream cheese. Of course, anyone who knows me knows that I lose my pumpkin, so I really want to try the pumpkin puree, zucchini and garlic from Chus in El crackling of the kitchen.

If you fancy a more complete cream, we have two recipes that I really liked, completely different. On the one hand, the homely but very elegant cream of turnip greens and cod from Los pucheros de Kasioles, with a great presentation. And on the other, the exotic congee rice or Thai rice porridge that Kwan Homsai teaches us, a halfway plate of soup and cream that can be taken for breakfast or at any time of the day.

May Mafalda forgive us, long live the soups!

Avgolemono Soup from Calabajío Market

Soups are said to be back in fashion, although for me they are dishes that should never be forgotten. It is the most humble and versatile way of cooking, with more or less complete options depending on the ingredients available at all times. That is why we have such varied recipes, starting with the simple but very appetizing turkey and rice soup from La cocina dicerachera.

Turmeric Spiced Vegetable Soup from Cooking for Them

It is very easy to give an exotic touch to our soups, as shown by the vegetable soup spiced with turmeric, without losing that "life long" flavor.Asian-inspired is the noodle soup with mushrooms in meat broth taught by Maribel from Picoteando ideas, and at Mercado Calabajío a light and delicious Greek avgolemono soup awaits us, with rice and its characteristic touch of lemon.

Very nutritious and complete spoon dishes

Squid stew with potatoes and noodles from El Saber Culinario

We finish this walk with very nutritious recipes, great to recharge your batteries on the coldest days. The one that Eugenio proposes us in La cocina delokos I liked a lot, a stew of fabas vegetables with quinoa, pumpkin and egg, a dish that can be turned into vegan by changing the egg for tofu or simply eliminating it, as it is already very complete with rest of ingredients.

Another dish that tastes homemade and traditional is the one that Lolines teaches us in Cuina amb la Lolines, some noodles with ribs and vegetables, in this case with thick variety pasta. If we prefer them finer, we can opt for the squid stew with potatoes and noodles from El Saber Culinario, and to continue with the seafood proposals we close with the tasty dish of chickpeas with prawns and chanterelles. A recipe for simmering that Elisa teaches us in Don't miss a parsley.

And you, do you already have the pots and pots at maximum performance? I hope these recipes for spoon dishes have whet your appetite to try new flavors or go back to those old dishes. I wait for you in a week with a new Walk through the gastronomy of the network that will surely come loaded with many inspiring ideas.

Cover photo | Kwan homsai
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