Walk through the gastronomy of the network: 21 comforting soups to warm up

In these days when winter was raging, and the cold and rain surround us, there is nothing like a good broth to make us feel better. For this reason, we have dedicated the walk through the gastronomy of the network to find 21 comforting soups to warm up.

We can start, for example, with an exotic pumpkin laksa with roasted chickpeas and pomegranate. It is a very popular noodle soup in Malaysia and Singapore, as we are told in Con Dos Palillos, and it looks delicious.

Vegetable soups

Of course, if it is about comforting, nothing like Marta Mató's anti-flu onion soup, which highlights the expectorant, bactericidal, mucolytic and fungicidal properties of onion.

Although if we want a soup with some other ingredient, we can choose the complete vegan vegetable soup from Me Huele a Quemao, which has zucchini, pepper, pumpkin, carrot, tomato and a touch of ginger.

Tomato Soups

Although we are used to having cold tomato soup in the summer, it can also be very comforting hot soups. For example, we can prepare a cabbage and tomato soup like the one offered in Pizca de Sabor.

And if we want something a little more elaborate, with a beautiful presentation for a more special dinner, then their thing is to opt for the spectacular Marylin tomato soup that they have prepared in MJ's recipes.

Soups with meat

To make a soup a complete dish, what we can do is add a little meat to it. Perhaps the most common thing is to prepare a classic chicken soup, as proposed in Los Antojos de Clara, although as soon as we travel, there are many other options.

So, for example, we have the wonderful chard soup with sausages courtesy of Italian Recipes in Spanish. A strong and flavorful dish. Of course, the Chinese corn and chicken soup from Discovering Cultures must also be very good.

More soup recipes

To finish our walk through the gastronomy of the web, I wanted to recommend a soup that is not a soup: the recipe for Paraguayan soup from Ponete el Apron, whose name is wrong.

And in case you've been wanting more soups, don't miss the selection of 12 different soups from Picoteando Ideas.

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