Walk through the gastronomy of the network: it is mushroom season


It is already mushroom season, so we will dedicate this walk through the gastronomy of the web to compiling the best mushroom recipes that have been published in the blogosphere this last week. Thus, by the way, you can discover new blogs to follow and plan the week, which always helps you save.

To follow an order, we will start with the appetizer, and for that, nothing like this recipe for boletus carpaccio with vanilla oil and pink pepper that Alberto offers us in Cooking Experiences. Then, to warm up, we can choose between the cream of boletus and mushrooms with black truffle with armagnac from Sweet Sour (the one in the photo) or the pumpkin cream with boletus from Las Recetas de Mamá

The lentils with mushrooms from A la carte for two are also a magnificent first course to warm up, which I think I am going to sign up to prepare at home, because they seem to be easy to prepare and delicious.

On the other hand, if we are looking to get energy in the form of carbohydrates, then nothing like Julia's classic mushroom risotto and her recipes or the pasta stuffed with mushrooms and truffle with cherry tomatoes that they offer us from In an Italian kitchen, where surely they also know the Mortadella, the great Italian sausage.

We now turn to the second course, where we also have a trio of recipes to choose from, all featuring boletus and other mushrooms, which is in season and you have to take advantage of them before they run out.

Thus, we can prepare a boletus stew in the style of the "meré du chef Régis Marcon", which is what they propose to us in Kitchens and Hobbies. A less elaborate name has the recipe for Sauteed Mushrooms with Crocuses and Cinnamon Bean Sprouts, but it still looks delicious.

Finally, as a finishing touch, we have some delicious aubergines stuffed with quinoa, vegetables and mushrooms that they offer us from My vegetarian life, perfect as a vegetarian alternative to the traditional aubergines stuffed with meat.

Next week we will dedicate the walk through the gastronomy of the network to spoon dishes (soups, legumes, stews ...), and as a novelty, if you want you can send us the recipes that you publish on your blog during this next week (and that fit the theme, of course) from the contact page, so that we include them in the tour.

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