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After the holiday Monday, today we can say that Christmas is definitely over, although it will surely still continue to give a few tails in many homes, especially when it comes to food and Christmas sweets. Although in most of the world the festivities end with the arrival of the New Year, for us they do not end until the Three Kings arrive. That's why in this week's walk on the web we have many proposals for roscones, and also other delicious bread recipes.

I'm glad to see that every year more people are encouraged to bake their own roscón de reyes. Although at first it may not be perfect, making your own roscón is a huge satisfaction, and we can also tailor the recipe to our liking. On the web these days we have seen many different roscones with the most varied recipes, and if you are tired of this sweet we also bring other ideas to dedicate ourselves to home baking.

We can make our roscón using sourdough, making a starter dough or simply using fresh yeast. But we can also simplify the process by making a roscón like the one La Cocina de Morenisa teaches us, a roscón de reyes with dry yeast. The most typical filling is whipped cream or truffle, but we can use almost anything we want.

So we have, for example, the irresistible orange roscón filled with chocolate ganache from Sabores de Colores, or the original roscón de reyes with gofio cream that El Zurrón de los Desserts brings us. And for a really different version, check out Kanela y Limón's fabulous chocolate roscón, with all the chocolate batter.

Other variations that we can make with the roscón recipe are the different shapes that we can give to the dough. Mi Dulce Tentación has chosen to present some beautiful eights of kings in an individual format, while in Corazón de Almíbar we find a wonderful bread of kings in the shape of an elongated braid. And to have a different cultural vision of our roscón, don't miss the Mexican-style rosca that Gabriela, Clavo y Canela presents to us, which also tells us about the tradition of their country regarding this sweet.

We leave the roscones to pay attention to other delicious bakery raisins, although without losing sight of the latest festive celebrations. And it is that, for example, Asopapias wanted to taste the typical bread that the Greeks take for Saint Basil, called vasilopita, slightly sweet and very spicy. For its part, Comoju baked the traditional Jewish challah in a spiral shape for New Years, while Noises in the Kitchen was flooded with a rich cinnamon smell with the sweet and aromatic Kringle, typical of Scandinavian countries.

And so that we don't have an excess of sugar, we can bake a salty bread like the fantastic Pepperoni pizza Monkey Bread from Las Recipes de MJ, or start the day with a good breakfast thanks to the sourdough popovers from The Winter Guest .

If you have not yet encouraged to make your own roscón de reyes, I hope that all these different versions that we have seen on the net inspire you to try it next year. Meanwhile, encourage us to prepare doughs of all kinds, the homemade bakery gives many satisfactions. I wait for you in a week with a new installment of our gastronomic tour to see what has been cooked on the web these days.

Images | Kanela and Lemon, Heart of Syrup, MJ's Recipes Direct to the Palate | Chocolate to sweeten the change of year

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