Walk through the gastronomy of the web: doughs and breads that will make you lose your composure


Before the cold leaves us and we feel like giving our ovens a break, let's take a walk through the gastronomy of the Internet in search of doughs and breads that will make us lose our composure. Thus, we collect ideas for these unpleasant days when keeping the ovens running is what you want.

Prepare a cup of something warm and make yourself comfortable to enjoy a walk through the highly comforting gastronomy of the Internet. And it is that, if any common effect have the doughs and breads, it is that feeling of pleasure and comfort that they cause when we take them to our mouths. Although now we can only eat them with our eyes, but the enjoyment is guaranteed.

We started with the 2-bread slices pumpkin beer loaf. Simple and fast, it does not require waiting times, etc. and it looks fabulous. The biggest complication of this bread may be to find the pumpkin beer with which it is made, but with the current boom that beer is experiencing in our country, you will surely find it immediately.

Equally easy and free of yeast are the Mexican corn tortillas with which Yolanda de Cocido de sopa encourages us to prepare nachos, fajitas or quesadillas, among others. In a similar vein, equally versatile, is the homemade pita bread that Agustina, from Pónete el apron, presents us stuffed with meat, pepper and aubergine, but which admits a multitude of fillings.

One of the bites in which bread is an essential element is the hamburger. Extremely popular and a unique dish in every rule, if we prepare it with a basic bread like that of Virginia from Sweet and Sour we will have guaranteed success. Although, if we want to surprise our guests, Merceditas bakery's beet burger buns make it easy for us.

More traditional breads in their way of making, which not so much in their ingredients, are the kamut bread, a variety of wheat, from Tere de Las María kitchens, with a golden and crunchy crust, and also the orange blossom bread and Eva honey from Bake street, healthy, aromatic and perfect for a breakfast or snack toast.

If you are more of a sweet pastry for your breakfasts or snacks, then your are Patricia's Swiss buns, delicious, fluffy and very tempting. A most traditional snack, as are the torrijas that we can prepare with the torrijas bread that Carmen de recommends. You don't want broth ... Well, take 2 cups. With a lot of crumb, as it has to be.

The last two recipes of the tour arrive in English, but we liked them so much that we could not leave them out. The aesthetics of Fast Kitchen's chicken-stuffed braided buns are priceless and we suspect that the flavor surpasses it. And does the caramelized onion loaf sound appetizing? My diverse kitchen is the blog to blame for this sweetie. Do not miss it.

We say goodbye to you for a few days, during which we will continue to search the net in search and capture of the most original and delicious recipes. We will return next Tuesday with a new walk through the gastronomy of the network and a lot to share. Until then, we hope you make a lot of bread and enjoy the week.

Images | Bake street, 2 bread slices, Sweet & sour, Well take 2 cups and Fast kitchen.
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