Walk around the cuisine of the network. Oh là là! The best of French gastronomy.

If there is a kitchen that is characterized by its refined recipes, it is that of our Gallic neighbors, so this week's walk through the gastronomy of the web is dedicated to the best of French gastronomy. Are you joining me?

I love being in charge of visiting your kitchens this month, as it is always a great pleasure to discover new recipes and new gastronomic blogs. I confess that, with today's walk, my to-do list has grown alarmingly. It is very difficult to resist such delicacies.

Salty recipes

If there is a salty dish that is representative of French cuisine, it is Boeuf Bourguignon. I have found two versions, MC's in Delicietas and Pilar's in Cau de cuina. Another French recipe that admits many variations is the quiche, I recommend: * Quiche with leeks and bacon, by Reme and Nuria from home kitchen. * Quiche with artichokes and Zion onion in Fem un mos. * Quiche of zucchini with pesto from Victoria in Day by day.


It is a fact that the French have a special jpgt for the masses. They have conquered me: firstly from Babel's kitchen, Juana with these Croisants aux amandes, Ana from Mom's recipes, tempts us with a delicious Brioche and, finally, Silvia has amassed a wonderful Pain à l´ancienne en Chup -chup-chup.

Sweet recipes

I was going to repeat the special jpgt for sweets, but that's the way it is, or are not the most refined desserts prepared in France? It has been a temptation to discover Mesilda's Tarta Tatín in La cocina de Mesilda, Myriam's Chocolate Mousse Charlota in Como agua para chocolate and Cocinaros's Tarte fine aux pommes.

I continue with more French desserts. I can't help but suggest that you enjoy Carolina's exquisite Pâtes de fruits in Carolina's kitchen, Narcís's Financers in La lionesa or the Crêpes Suzettes that Nieves has prepared in Sweet and salty.

To finish provoking you, be sure to visit Sweet snacks where Carme has prepared a Pear Mousse, Catapunchinpun with Noelia's detailed explanation to get a perfect choux pastry for profiteroles or A pinch of cinnamon where Carmen teaches us how to prepare French meringue.

So far the walk through the gastronomy of the network this week, dedicated to French gastronomy. You will tell me if you dare to prepare any of these recipes. I leave you with a good taste in your mouth and I wait for you in seven days for another review of the gastronomic blogs.

Photos | Babel's cuisine, Carolina's cuisine, Sweet and salty and Mesilda's cuisine Direct to the Paladar | Walk around the cuisine of the network. Delicious recipes for snack

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