Walk through the gastronomy of the Red: eleven summer salads


This week, the traditional Walk through the gastronomy of the Network on Tuesdays will focus on a type of recipes typical of the season that is about to begin. That is why I have selected eleven summer salad recipes to enjoy starting next Friday when summer officially begins.

Of course, in my opinion, with a carrot, avocado, mango and peanut oil salad like the one that presides over the entry and that they have prepared in the blog Aisha's kitchen, I think it is not necessary to wait until Friday, don't you think? ?

We continue our tour with more appetizing summer salads. What do you think of the tartare salad that Morenisa has prepared with wakame and vegetables? I really want to try that tartar, I assure you.

As a happy coincidence, two bloggers named Silvia have prepared lentil salads which are more palatable. These are the blogs of Chez Silvia and his lentil salad du Puy and the blog And I'm still in the kitchen with his warm lentil salad with puree.

Our weekly walk continues with more refreshing ideas to brighten up our summer salads, such as this original pasta salad with beet mayonnaise presented on the Mandil y Perejil blog, or the salpicón with potatoes that Sonia made from the L'Exquisit blog.

We also liked a lot the salads from My Great Fun with a surprise of roasted vegetables hidden in their fresh cheese salad, or the octopus salad with chives and paprika dressing that they have prepared on the Because blog. Surely they seem like very summery dishes.

As you can see, we are discovering very appetizing salads. This is how I also found the beautiful chickpea salad from My Great Fun or the belly salad with arugula that was published on the Complicaciones las Justas blog. What do you like?

And we have reached the end of this weekly food tour. Before saying goodbye, I want to leave you one more salad, which comes from the blog With bread and dessert, where they offer us a salad with apples and goat cheese, which puts the finishing touch to our journey.

I'll be waiting for you next week so you can join me on the last walk through the gastronomy of the Internet in June, you know, on Tuesday at ten in the morning, before the summer heat makes us lazier. I hope that as always you will accompany me on the tour.

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