Walk through the Gastronomy of the Network: spoon dishes and sweets for Easter celebrations


The proximity of the Christmas holidays, the prevailing cold and this week in the middle of the Constitution Bridge, has left many recipe blogs unpublished, so finding interesting content for our Walk has been more laborious than usual. This week in our Walk through the Gastronomy of the Network, spoon dishes and sweet recipes for the Easter celebrations.

As is tradition on Tuesdays, a new Walk comes to your computers, in which we take the opportunity to warm up with spoon dishes and other comforting preparations, while we take ideas to finish closing our Christmas menu for Christmas Eve and Christmas, which are already at less than two weeks to arrive.

Savory ideas for all tastes

We start with an original appetizer, a pastrami made with scallops and dressed with radish sauce. It's a very brave idea from Strawberry and Pepper that has intrigued us from the get-go. We have to prove it.

We continue with a very appropriate starter, a shot of dogfish that Pikerita proposes to us to take advantage of this fish. After the shot, the last starter, very strong and tasty, is this cheese fondue served on a loaf of bread, which Neus has prepared on his blog Cooking with Neus.

For main dishes, we suggest you try the picantón and quail with Erruki Laurel grapes, which is undoubtedly a festive preparation. If you want to go for spoon dishes, the two proposals this week are the typical "Malcocinao" of the Serranía de Ronda proposed by the blog Kitchen without fear or the Canarian chickpea suggested by Ana in La cocinera de Bétulo.

We finished the salty proposals with the baked scallops from Gastronomy in Verso and the appetizing trout baskets with honey and mustard made in the Crock Pot by Bea of ​​2 tangerines in my kitchen.

Sweet ideas for Easter celebrations

We really wanted this Caprese cake that we found on the Dulces Bocados blog, which has also prepared it gluten-free so that it is also suitable for celiacs. A great idea for Christmas dinners and meals.

For the after-dinner, we are left with some Nussstangeli cookies, a Swiss recipe that Liliana has made in Basil and Cinnamon, and that we really want. They can be great to keep in the bedroom when nougat is scarce.

We also really like the large-size butter and chocolate cookie that My Sweet Temptation proposes, or the hazelnut cake train that they have prepared on the blog You are the chef who has made me smile imagining my four-year-old nephew Teo, If I discovered it on your dining room table ...

We finished the Walk through the Gastronomy of the Network this week with another sweet recipe, a pear and ginger crumble that we have found in Recetines Asgaya and that we think is a refreshing idea for the Christmas meals that are coming these weeks. Until next Tuesday!

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