Walk through the gastronomy of the network: 21 sweet recipes to forget about the diet

Yes, today I have proposed that you forget about diet with this walk through the gastronomy of the network dedicated to sweet recipes. But do not blame me for tempting you, the 21 proposals that I collect in this entry I have found in your blogs and the truth is that they are all impressive.

You have to take care of yourself, not abuse sugar or desserts, but even if it is only one day a week you have to pay tribute to the body and enjoy a sweet bite. I'm sure that among the recipes that I have compiled you will find some that you want to try. Do you join me and we check it?

Custards and creams

When my children were little, I always had some of their favorite flavors in the fridge. They are easy to take because you do not have to chew and the ingredients that can be used to make them are many, so there is no way to get bored or have the feeling of always eating the same thing.

In Cocina y borda con María I have found this cheese flan and curd explained to make with Thermomix. I liked the sweet potato flan that Clemenvilla has published on his blog Bocados de cielo because it incorporates a seasonal ingredient, and I have also won the vanilla flan and masparpone cheese that I have seen in Martuka's recipes and that I already have in my pendings list.

We continue with the spoon desserts but we change the register, we leave the puddings behind and move on to the creams, don't you think this white chocolate and pumpkin cream has to be delicious? again with a seasonal ingredient, pumpkin. If you decide to prepare it, you will find it on the blog La cuinera de l´Eri. For those of you who like aromatic combinations of ingredients, don't miss these little glasses of citronella and kefir lime with mango coulis from Aisha's kitchen.

Cakes and pastries

Is there anything more spectacular than ending a meal with an imposing cake or cake? It is the perfect finishing touch, and I suppose you will agree with me that there is nothing like it being homemade. With a little organization, without leaving things to the last minute, we can achieve an almost professional result. Let's see if you like the proposals that I have collected throughout this week:

  • Elena Pilar's chocolate and coffee cake in My recipe book.

  • Lactose-free tropical pineapple and coconut cake by Choni Anastasio in Shared kitchen.

  • Mascarpone Tart with Chocolate Raspberry Mousse from Ettore at Bavette.

  • Lemon cake, condensed milk and Lucía cookies in Pucheros y otros

  • Mai rice pudding cake in Herbs and spices.

  • Lemon cake with sablé dough and Tere's meringue in Tere's recipes.

  • Carrot and orange poke cake from Isabel at Aliter Dulcia.

Sweet snacks

Confess that sometimes you would kill to have a sweet and delicious snack to put in your mouth, or not? Well, for those occasions I bring you four magnificent solutions. You will get rid of that annoying gluttony and you will also offer your guests a recipe with which you will shine.

At A-chocolat, Ani has prepared some beautiful pastry bag pastries that I would be sad to eat because of how beautiful they are. In Game of flavors I found these eclairs that are to take away the sense. If you are thinking of making individual version cakes, don't miss these lemon cream tartlets with fruit from Dulcísimo pleasure and, finally, in Mabel's Decoration, these original cruller or fried donuts caught my attention.


And to end this tempting walk through the gastronomy of the Internet, I propose five cakes with which you will liven up your breakfasts and snacks. Remember to keep them in an airtight container so that they do not lose their original fluffiness, although surely if you try any of them you will not leave even the crumbs.

In Cooking with Xena I found this chocolate-filled biscuit cake, which has also given me ideas for how to dispose of the cookie packages that are left open in my pantry. I have also been won over by the chocolate and pumpkin cake from De sol y sal, as well as the rustic almond and plum cake published in My homemade cakes.

One way to take advantage of the fruit that has become ripe and that nobody wants to eat is to prepare a dessert with it, what do you think of this banana coca from Visc a la cuina, delicious, right? Well, wait until you see the Sweet and sour pumpkin mini bund cakes, I'm going to look for cucurbits to prepare them!

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