Walk through the Gastronomy of the Network: Thirteen recipes with fish to enjoy seafood


It seems that the year has just started and we have practically left behind this first month of 2015, with it I finish my task of bringing you every week the Walk through the gastronomy of the network and I pass the baton to my partner Liliana, who I'm sure It will look for the best recipes that circulate those days on the internet.

Last week we asked you to send us recipes with fish in order to have a compilation of dishes that will make us enjoy seafood, and this has been the case, that is why today our walk is dedicated to them.

For next week the walk through the gastronomy of the network will be starring spoon dishes, so if you dare to send us your recipes, they will be published Directly to the Paladar. We are waiting for you!

Recipes with hake

It is prepared in many ways, accepts a multitude of cuts and is liked by almost everyone with its white meat and mild flavor, so hake is undoubtedly one of the queens of the fish market.

This is how they let us know from "Cooking experiences" with this magnificent recipe for hake in red sauce, this delicious dish of hake in leek sauce that "Las María cooks" has prepared for us, although you may want to do it in a totally different way than the classic one in the form of fish and seafood cannelloni, as in the blog "No sin mi taper".

Whiting is also present in this selection and so from the blog "In your kitchen and in mine" they teach us how to make this magnificent baked stuffed whiting.

Recipes with cod

Cod is another of the most requested in the fish market, with its different presentations it is easy to cook with it and look good. Proof of this are these great recipes that we bring you.

In “La cocina de Vifrán” they have cooked a delicious cod with black garlic muslin and violet bakery potatoes, an original and surprising dish.

Or this other plate of cod on a bed of tomato and potatoes in an ajionesa crust, in the blog "Kitchen of a stressed banker", but also here classic dishes like this rice with cod and cauliflower from "Cocinara" have a place. It has seemed ideal to prepare for the next Easter.

Recipes with salmon

They say that salmon likes even those who do not like fish, so we could not forget about it in this selection of your recipes. In "Sweets and breads" they know it very well and they have prepared a delicious salmon tartare with quail eggs, and if you want more appetizers nothing better than these cornstarch croquettes with salmon and mushrooms from "El puchero de Morguix". Or from "My pinkcake world" a delicious salmon cake.

Other fish dishes

If at the moment you have not found your favorite fish, do not worry because as they said in the cartoons "do not go yet, there is still more". We still have delicious recipes like these sardines in marinade from "Gastronomic Ross" or a bream in the oven with chard from the blog "Antojo en la cocina".

And if in spite of liking fish, you are already missing meat, we leave you with a very good taste in your mouth from the blog "Rústica", with a spectacular sea and land wild rice with spicy lemon dressing that magnificently leads our walk for the gastronomy of the network this week.

And if you are always in a hurry, the Philips blog offers you six tricks to eat healthy even if you have little time. With this I say goodbye to the Walk through the Gastronomy of the Network, for next week we would like to send us six recipes for spoon dishes, which in this cold is what you most want. Until next week!

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