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With a little delay, as is customary in me, but the walk through the gastronomy of the network this week is here, the one that makes fifty, in case someone wonders what that capital L does there alone in the title .

This week I am going to give it a bit of a nose and I am going to recommend the blogs of some very nice girls that I met the other day at a meeting of gastronomic bloggers in Valencia, which I may tell you about one day.

It is a bit difficult for me to decide where to start, for that of not hurting sensibilities, so I have made a draw to decide the order in which I present their blogs, all done with a lot of affection, love and, above all, a lot of sweetness, that small desserts they prepare ...

  • To start with, you can find emmanuelle's succulent biscuit cake, which illustrates the walk, in In the heat of a sponge cake. Attractive recipes accompanied by suggestive photos and a good step by step, you can't ask for more.
  • The next one is At 3 in the afternoon, which this week has delighted us with a cherry Clafoutis that looks excellent. A very good way to give different uses to cherries, which are in season.
  • To continue with the desserts, which now seem to be more appealing in summer, from La cocina de Mesilda they offer us this delicious chocolate Pavlova, ideal as a birthday cake. Too bad the strawberries have already left us ...
  • The last of the desserts, another cake, although very different, is ad-ice cream. Nothing more and nothing less than a Hanna Montana cake for the birthday of a little niece. An electric cake you could say.
  • Since we are talking about children, from From Zero, a blog for beginners in children's cooking, they offer us some interesting advice on very useful infant feeding for those who are new to such struggles.
  • Changing the third, we go to the fish, because this week we have seen two very interesting dishes, a magnificent baked horse mackerel, fish expressly for the recipe book, and also a no less attractive simply grilled needle, if possible , which brings us the talkative Lola de Almería from her blog Ajoblanco
  • To top it off, a fresh and suggestive fresh anchovy and potato salad offered to us by Cocinísima, ideal for these hot summer days when you don't feel like eating anything hot.

And that's all for this week, I hope you like the blogs that I have taught you, I assure you that the people behind them are commendable.

Greetings and until the next tour of the gastronomy of the network.

Photo | In the heat of a cake
Directly to the Palate | Walk through the gastronomy of the XLIX network

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