Walk through the Gastronomy of the Network: 15 comforting recipes of spoon dishes


Today is a holiday Tuesday, but it is still the day of our classic Walk through the Gastronomy of the Internet. This week dedicated to delicious comforting spoon dishes, the kind that are always appealing in winter and which are difficult to do without.

Christmas is approaching, but the truth is that despite having our heads in our festive menus, we must continue to think about what we are going to eat every day. And for that, nothing better than opening your mouth with nutritious soups, broths, creams and stews, at a good price, and delicious like the ones we bring you today.

We start with a classic, chicken broth, as the blog "Xabi likes chocolate" brings us, a recipe that serves both to warm up on a cool day and to have as a base in stews, rice or vegetable dishes .

As a strong dish, without a doubt, this antruejo soup from "Pikerita", a traditional Extremaduran recipe with which to combat low temperatures. We cross the country to get to Valencia, where “Carmenmavis's kitchen” shows us another well-founded preparation, the Valencian olleta, made up of pork, wheat, beans and lentils, it is perfect to avoid being hungry all afternoon.

In Asturias we also enjoy tasty spoon dishes, and proof of this are these beans with clams that have been cooked in the blog "Cooking with my Carmela", an exquisite snack, perfect for any day that we want to give ourselves a gastronomic tribute.

As a surprising proposal, Juana's from "La cocina de Babel" with her Vermar noodles, a Mallorcan spoon dish that I have loved and will soon try, as soon as I have a good sobrasada like the one she uses.

We leave these more forceful preparations and focus on lighter spoon dishes based on vegetables and greens. We started with the pumpkin, and for that, two delicious recipes, on the one hand the pumpkin and sweet potato cream from the "GastroPadi" blog and on the other, a fantastic pumpkin cream with goat cheese with Moroccan airs from the blog "Well, have two cups ”.

From the same family, zucchini, is also the protagonist in our walk today with a cream of zucchini and prawns from the blog "Varianity", where the seafood gives it an original touch that makes it different. Although also very original and different, it is this exquisite cream with mushrooms with its truffle oil from "La cocina de las Casinas".

We move on to another vegetable, the tomato, with which they have prepared from the blog "De pucheros y otros" an Italian tomato soup that I think is very good, as well as with tomato and other vegetables from "The curious spoon" they bring us a rich tomato, leek and carrot soup.

Curry is the star of our next two recipes, a cauliflower curry cream with breadsticks, with a powerful Indian touch and from the blog "With you on the beach", and also some rich curried lentils from "Not without my taper". With the traditional onion, which is not usually missing in any house, the blog "Because" has brought us a gratin onion soup with an impressive and very appetizing appearance.

And since we could not forget the seafood, we finished our walk with a fantastic mussel cream from the blog "Nobody takes a sweet sour", also perfect for the Christmas holidays because of its seafood touch.

So far our Walk through the Gastronomy of the Network today has come. We hope that all these comforting spoon dishes have warmed you up and inspired you for your daily menus in anticipation of the holidays. Next week we would like to have your meat and fish recipes, recipes with a special and festive touch that makes them our own for the Christmas holidays. You can send them to our contact email and we will be happy to publish them. Until next Tuesday!

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