Passion for Chocolate

Passion for Chocolate, is a book as its author Trish Deseine describes very well, for lovers of chocolate in all its variants: alone, accompanied, in a cup, in cakes, in the classic or avant-garde style.

This work is divided into 7 chapters.

  • Chocolate in Kit. Where you can highlight a magnificent recipe for a cake without flour or mixer, in which the phrase in an image is worth a thousand words would be perfect.
  • Chocolate Bites. For those of us who are lovers of this product, just after eating, any of the delicacies that appear in this section would come in handy to accompany the afternoon coffee.
  • Classic chocolate. To get an idea of ​​what pastry chefs are capable of and what we do. Note the recipe for Tiramisu with Chocolate.
  • Chocolate therapy. I have never doubted that when I was feeling bad, having a little chocolate could help me feel a little better. According to the author of the book:
Chocolate has a real jpgt for fixing problems. A few moments of sadness, a stressful day, an argument, a reward, a secret pleasure ... Chocolate always gives us an answer.
  • Chocolate for children. A way to make the smallest participants in the enjoyment of this great pleasure, with easy recipes for them.
  • Chic chocolate. In this part of the book we find the most exquisite recipes. For those who have a lot of time. The chocolate croquettes can be highlighted, it makes your mouth water just from looking at the photo.
  • Professional tricks. Tips that will never hurt.

You know, you can find it in any bookstore at a reasonable price, about 17 euros. The images in the book are great, it's worth it.

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