Imported potatoes with monkfish: traditional recipe rescued

It is curious how difficult it is to find classic recipes on restaurant menus, which often seem cloned and offer practically the same dishes. Therefore, today we are going to prepare some important potatoes with monkfish, a traditional recipe rescued from oblivion, which I recommend you try.

My grandmother made these important potatoes many times, accompanied by hake, cod or monkfish and today I want to show you this classic and simple preparation that is worth including in your recipes because it is a very easy dish that I encourage you to prepare in your homes for joy of those who try them.


For 2 persons
  • Fresh monkfish in clean slices 200 g
  • Potato (1 cm slices) 2
  • Egg to coat 2
  • Fish broth or fumet 300
  • Wheat flour to coat
  • Provencal herbs
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Saffron
  • White wine 50 ml

How to make importance potatoes with monkfish

Difficulty: easy
  • Total time 30 m
  • Elaboration 10 m
  • Cooking 20 m

To make the potatoes to the importance, we cut the potatoes into slices of a cm thick and season them and pass through flour and egg. We fry them in a pan with extra virgin olive oil, until they are browned on both sides. Then we remove them from the pan and reserve them.

We do the same operation with the monkfish, passing the cheeks through flour. Afterwards we fry them lightly, reserving them also when they are ready. In a saucepan, cook the very chopped onion over low heat until it begins to take color.

We mix the fish stock with the saffron and the wine, and add it to the casserole where we have browned the onion. We also add the potatoes to the importance and the aromatic herbs to the stew and let everything cook for 15 minutes, watching out if we have to add a little broth.

Finally, we add the monkfish slices that we had reserved and let them cook with the rest of the ingredients that we have in the casserole, for another five minutes, until the potatoes are cooked. We serve the dish very hot.

With what to accompany the recipe of potatoes to the importance with monkfish

The good thing about this type of classic stews is that they are satiating so they can be served perfectly as a single dish or accompanied by a light starter. In the case of these potatoes with the importance of monkfish, I recommend you accompany them with a very fresh vichyssoise or a fruit gazpacho to have a complete menu.

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