Paprika potatoes. Recipe

We are in the middle of the tomato and pepper season, so this is what you have to eat. There are thousands of different ways to eat these two fruits, and one of them is this recipe for paprika potatoes, a true delight.

Paprika, a fish, pepper and tomato broth, seasoned with cumin, garlic, EVOO and roasted peppers, is typical of Almería and its province, where it is usually accompanied by porridge. However, I have made this recipe with potatoes and I dedicate it to my Aunt Maria. She loved porridge, some I cooked for her. He would have liked this recipe, I'm sure.

The ingredients

1 l. of fish stock, 2 ripe tomatoes, 2 dried peppers, 4 roasted peppers, 2 cloves of garlic, 1/2 teaspoon of cumin, 4 potatoes, salt.

The preparation

We make the fish broth, strain it and put it in a pot to heat, add the peeled tomatoes, the dry peppers clean of flax, 10 minutes. We put the mixer, beat and add the peeled and chopped potatoes, leave to make 15 minutes.

Roast and peel the peppers and add them to where the potatoes cook, chopped. Crush the garlic, cumin and salt in a mortar, add EVOO. Once the potatoes are cooked, add the cumin sauce and turn off the fire. We eat immediately.

Processing time | 20 minutes Difficulty | Half


This recipe for paprika potatoes, gains a lot if you add a tad of spicy. Paprika, a chilli, whatever, but itchy. It's delicious. It is accompanied with red wine, spoon and to eat. If you have used horse mackerel or any other fresh fish to make the broth, you can clean it and add it to the potatoes. It is a dish then, typical of my Aunt Maria, of those to eat directly from the pot by spoon. Like before. How hungry will they have taken dishes like this?

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