Stuffed turkey Who said fear? The best fillings for this Christmas

If there is a typical dish at Christmas almost anywhere in the world, I would say that this dish is the Christmas turkey. Whether we make a large turkey for the whole family, a smaller turkey or any other species of bird such as the pularda for our banquet, the tradition is to make it stuffed and therefore, to lose the fear of the task, I tell you which are the best fillings for this Christmas.

Any stuffing we suggest will work great, but we'd love to know what you stuff turkey / chicken / pularda or capon with in your homes. Leave us your favorite mixes in the comments so we can all learn from each other.

Stuffed Christmas turkey

  • Ingredients: 300 gr of bacon, 1 apple, 4 slices of hard bread, dried apricots, prunes and a glass of poultry stock.
  • Procedure: We rehydrate the prunes and dried apricots and cut them into pieces. We chop the fresh bacon into very small pieces and put it with the rest of the ingredients in a bowl, letting the bread soak in the broth. Once everything is mixed, add the apples cut into wedges and fill the turkey.
    Complete recipe: Christmas stuffed turkey

Traditional American type filling

  • Ingredients: 400 gr Cornbread (corn bread), 1 onion, 100 gr of bacon in strips, 20-30 currants, 600 ml of chicken broth
  • Procedure: We fry the bacon with the very chopped onion and when it is transparent we add the corn bread crumbs (it comes in crumbs and is sold in American products stores) and the broth, mixing a few minutes until there is a moist dough. You can substitute cornbread or cornbread for loaf bread crumbs. This filling is not necessary to put it inside the turkey, the usual thing is to serve it separately as a garnish.

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe or Thanksgivin Day

Stuffed with minced meat, fruits and nuts

  • Ingredients: Dried pitted plums, almonds, raisins, minced pork and ham cubes
  • Procedure: Lightly fry the minced chicken meat so that it is not raw. Add the ham cubes. Chop the plums, and add them to the mixture along with the raisins and almonds. Use this filling for small birds like chicken.

Stuffed with dried apricots, minced meat and egg

  • Ingredients: 600 grams of minced beef (you can use pork or half), 60 grams of bacon, 5 dried apricots, half an egg, a tablespoon of oregano, salt, pepper, nutmeg, half a glass of sherry, lard and a level tablespoon of cornstarch.
  • Procedure: We mix all the ingredients: minced meat, bacon and chopped dried apricots, half an egg, oregano, salt, pepper, nutmeg, half a glass of sherry and a tablespoon of cornstarch. We moisten the chicken with a little water inside and fill tightly so that it joins the chicken and there are no air pockets.
    Complete recipe: Stuffed chicken

Stuffed with assorted meats, fruits and cheese

  • Ingredients: 150 gr. minced beef, 100 gr. boneless chicken breast, 50 gr. candied fruits, 80 gr. Italian mortadella, diced, 1 egg, 50 gr. grana grana padano, 50 gr. peeled walnuts, a sprig of parsley, a clove of garlic, 20 gr. boneless raisins, a slice of bread dipped in milk, salt, pepper, nutmeg.
  • Procedure: Prepare a farce (filling) by mixing the minced meat, beef and chicken, the finely chopped candied futas, the mortadella in cubes, the egg, the cheese, the peeled and chopped walnuts, the minced garlic, the raisins, the bread soaked in milk and minced, the chopped parsley and the salt and spices. Stir and knead well with a fork or with your hands until there is a dough. Fill the chicken with the farce, flange well with twine and close the opening to prevent the filling from slipping out.
    Complete recipe: Stuffed free-range chicken for Christmas

Florentine filling

  • Ingredients: 1 large onion, 400 grams of frozen spinach, 1 tablespoon of flour, 1 egg, 100 grams of pate, 1/2 cup of olive oil, 1 lemon, 75 grams of butter, 1 glass of white wine, 750 grams of potatoes, nutmeg, salt and pepper.
  • Procedure: We cook the spinach in boiling salted water, drain them and chop them; In a frying pan, heat half the oil and fry the chopped onion, when it is golden brown, add flour and fry it for a few moments while stirring it with a wooden spoon, add the spinach and remove the pan from the heat. Add the paté and the slightly beaten egg, season and season with the nutmeg and mix everything.
    Complete recipe: Chicken stuffed with Florentine

Stuffed with chestnuts and broth

  • Ingredients: minced meat of chicken, chestnuts, butter, sugar and poultry stock
  • Procedure: We make a cross-shaped cut to 500/700 grams of chestnuts, toast them in the oven until they can be easily peeled. We heat 4 tablespoons of butter, brown 4 teaspoons of sugar in it, introduce the chestnuts, stir and fill with a cup of broth. Let it boil for 10 minutes. Drain the chestnuts and mix with the minced chicken meat. With the mixture, we fill the bird.

Apple, carrot, raisin filling with brandy

  • Ingredients: 1 glass of brandy, 3 carrots, 2 diced apples, dried apricots and raisins and 4 tablespoons of applesauce
  • Procedure: Put the dried apricots to rehydrate in the brandy.While chopping the apples and carrots and sautéing them with a little oil or a nut of butter, until they start to soften. Add the brandy and dried apricots and flambé to evaporate the alcohol. Incorporate the homemade applesauce to bind the farce and use it to fill the turkey.

With these eight possibilities to fill the turkey, you should not be afraid to prepare a stuffed turkey this Christmas. Remember that if you are not many you can make these same recipes with smaller birds. Happy holidays to all.

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