The worst paella in the history of the internet starts with a stir fry of onion and chorizo ​​(and from there onwards)


As with any traditional dish, there are numerous versions of paella, which have little to do with the classic Valencian recipe. Just as Italians cry out to heaven - with good reason - when they see our spaghetti carbonara with cream, Spaniards go crazy when we see certain paella recipes around the world (although in much of the peninsula we don't make it much better) .

But when it comes to the outrages of paella there are levels; and there is a recipe that takes the cake.

Although it was originally published last June, the recipe for "paella in a cast iron pan" from the American portal Tasty -a spinoff of Buzzfeed that triumphs on Facebook and Instagram, where it has 97 and 35 million followers, respectively - appears from time to time on social networks and arouses the ire of every good (and bad) Spaniard who comes across it. And is not for less.

Get the party started by dishing up this beautifully simple cast iron paella

The eight outrages of the worst paella

The problem is not that it is a paella that is not made into a paella –if they are not for many diners, you can make decent rice dishes in a pan–, it is that it includes all the evils of mixed paella in a single dish. And on top of that, it has 20 million views on Instagram.

We review in parts everything that is wrong with this paella:

1. First, the chorizo

As everyone should know, the base of a good paella is a good tomato sauce, but the first ingredient that is added to this paella is chorizo, and not a little: 205 grams.

2. The second, the onion

After the chorizo, nothing more and nothing less than another of the ingredients most hated by Valencians: onion.

It must be said, to be honest, that in many places in Spain onion is added to paella and, in reality, the belief that onion contains a lot of water and can ruin rice is, just that, a belief. In Alicante there is a rice with onion, and nothing happens. But of course, no one would think of starting a paella with a chorizo ​​and onion sauce. That if not.

3. Take peeled prawns

The grace of seafood in paella is that it releases all its juice, but in this recipe the prawns are peeled and dried with kitchen paper, to be integrated only at the end of the process. Very good idea.

4. Add the tomato without frying

As we explained before, the tomato sauce is perhaps the most important part of a paella. But Tasty's friends add the tomato after the rice, along with the broth, which means that it does not release its flavor but adds a lot of water. Another success.

5. Rice, well cooked

This paella not only fails in the ingredients, but also in the cooking technique, and it is that they make the paella with the pan completely covered, which makes it impossible for the liquid to evaporate correctly. The result is surely a very pasty rice.

6. The peas that are not missing

True, peas appear in many Spanish paellas, but it is a filling ingredient that, even more so if they are the typical frozen ones without flavor (as in this recipe), they do not contribute absolutely anything.

7. Lemon at close range

Although in many places paella is accompanied with lemon to add to taste, the juice of this can ruin a good paella. Actually, the paella was accompanied by lemon so that the diners could wash their hands. But in a final outrage, Tasty's colleagues don't just squeeze a lemon splash, but invite poor American kitchens to make the juice of half a lemon and pour it over the paella.

8. Finally, a little parsley

Finally, another ingredient that we have not seen in our lives in paella: parsley. Why not? Having seen what they saw they could have ended up casting Nocilla.

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