Fried fish or "little fish" with salad. Recipe


Generally, once a week I usually prepare this recipe for fried fish or "little fish" with salad, it is not always the same, it all depends on the fish you find in the fish shop, sometimes anchovies, brótola and prawns, like today, other times squid, ray and cod, sometimes horse mackerel, mackerel and cuttlefish, you always have to visit the market first.

Despite what is usually believed, fried fish is a very healthy dish, typical of our Mediterranean Diet, if it is accompanied with a good salad and, of course, it is made with extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) at the correct temperature.

The ingredients for the fried fish

1 kilo of varied fish, in this case brotoles, anchovies and prawns, wheat flour, EVOO and salt.

The ingredients for the salad

1 tomato, 1 cucumber, 1 chive, 1 green pepper (or any other vegetables in season), EVOO, vinegar or lemon and salt.

The preparation

We clean the fish, flour it, shake off the excess flour well, and fry abundantly EVOO very hot (but without smoking, be careful), in small batches, so that the fish does not clump together in the pan. If necessary, we turn it once golden, we take out absorbent paper and we place it in a source in an aesthetic way.

We wash and clean the vegetables if necessary, chop them, arrange them in a bowl or salad bowl and dress them with salt, followed by lemon juice and vinegar, stir and water with a good drizzle of EVOO, it is important to follow this order, in this way the lemon acid or vinegar dissolves the salt before it is prevented by the EVOO with its density, and the result is much more integrated.

Processing time | 30 minutes
Difficulty | Half

The tasting

This recipe for fried fish or “pescaito” and salad is eaten with your fingers, thus appreciating all the nuances of the crunchy fish and, it is accompanied by very cold beer or a good fresh white, it is one of the few occasions when I usually feel like white wine, however I prefer even beer for this recipe, especially if there is no place for a nap next.

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