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Let's put ourselves in situation. You're at home celebrating a birthday - for example, mine, which is tomorrow. Everything is going great, you take out the cake, I blow out the candles, you wish me many more and you are ready to distribute it among the damn! seven guests. Who thinks of inviting a prime number of people to a party, now to see who is the brave one who divides a circle into seven equal parts.

Arrived at this critical situation there are several options. The first is to use your previous experience and apply the well-known method of eye of the good cuber, at the risk that you do not get all the same pieces and the party is a failure. You can also make yourself smart and use the angle holder to cut a portion every 51 degrees (or those that correspond to the number of people), but that still remains a little geek.

The third option, and the most chic, is what the guys from WAGAii have come up with. It's called Petals and it's the perfect cake cutter. It looks like a flower in a vase but it is a template that allows a cake to be distributed evenly between groups of 3 to 12 people.

I guess by now you are wondering how such an invention works. Well, the thing is quite simple. This beautiful flower can be divided into two parts. The petals and the leaves.

The petals are used to divide the cake into 3,4,6 or 12 parts. Well, each petal forms an angle of 30 degrees with respect to the next. All you have to do is stick the flower in the center of the cake and cut at the corresponding marks.

To divide the cake into 5,7,8,9,10 and 11 parts the thing is complicated a bit, but not too much. The first thing is to nail the stem with the leaves in the center of the cake. Then we make a cut where we want and align the side of the sheet corresponding to that cut. Then, at the next mark, we make a new cut and repeat the previous operation.

Of course, there is no denying that Petals is the perfect cake cutter. A practical, original and ingenious design that, in addition, when you are not using it, becomes a most curious vase. The only downside I see is that it is not prepared for demanding diners who want a cut to suit their appetite, but only for parties in which the cake is small and everyone wants their part as big as possible.

Too bad it's a prototype and not for sale yet. For now, I'll have to settle for my angle carrier.

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