Piccata al limone with basilico or lemon fillets with basil: Italian recipe with a pure Mediterranean flavor

It is curious how we associate lemon with summer or heat, when its best time is winter. As a good Murcian that I am, in my house we add lemon to everything, that is why I find dishes such as this lemon piccata with basilico, that is, beef fillets with lemon basil. Because Italians also know how to take advantage of this citrus.

I got the recipe from an Austrian cooking magazine that dedicated a special chapter to the gastronomy of Italy. There are many versions of lemon meat recipes, using large steaks, scallops or chicken, but this one I particularly liked because of the great importance of the lemon and the absence of butter or batter. Fundamental: good meat and good lemons, which intoxicate when cut.


For 4 people
  • Beef fillets of about 150 g each 4
  • Lemon 2
  • Vegetables soup 250 ml
  • Cornstarch one tablespoon
  • Extra virgin olive oil and more for cooking 25 ml
  • Basil (approximately) 15 g
  • White wine 50 ml
  • Salt
  • Ground black pepper

How to make lemon basil beef steaks

Difficulty: easy
  • Total time 30 m
  • Elaboration 5m
  • Cooking 25 m
  • Repose 1 hour

This recipe will triumph among citrus lovers, or those looking for a new way to serve versatile steaks without getting too complicated. You just have to remember the previous marinade time; ideal one hour, or a minimum of 20 minutes.

Let the meat temper a little, which should be cut into thin fillets but with a certain thickness, so there is no risk that they will become very dry when they are passed through the griddle. Remove any excess fat and dry with kitchen paper.

Wash the lemons well and cut one of them in half. Peel the skin with a peeler or knife, removing strips without picking up much of the white part, because it is bitter - although we like it at home. Cut into thin strips.

Squeeze the juice, straining it to avoid the pulp and the bones. Emulsify with the 25 ml of olive oil, season lightly and mix well with the skin. Arrange the fillets in a deep plate and cover with the marinade. Cover with film and leave an hour in the refrigerator; take them out 10 minutes before cooking.

Preheat the oven to 60ºC or take advantage of the residual heat. Heat a frying pan with olive oil and cook the fillets on the grill, drained from the marinade, leaving them al dente, they are juicy. Reserve in the hot oven.

Leave the pan on the heat over high heat and pour the wine, scraping the bottom well to remove the juices from the meat. When the alcohol evaporates, add all the marinade and the broth. Lower the heat and let cook until it reduces a little.

Dilute the cornstarch in a little cold water and add it to the pan. Continue cooking until thick, but not too thick either. Meanwhile wash, dry and chop the basil.

Serve the meat in a dish with the sauce on top and the basil added at the last moment, so that it retains its bright green color. Give a punch of black pepper if desired.

With what to accompany the lemon fillets

The original recipe suggested as an accompaniment to these beef fillets with lemon and basil some simple tagliatelle sauteed with butter and cheese, although we already know that Italians do not usually use pasta as a garnish. Yes we can put fresh pasta for the first course and combine the meat with some vegetables or a simple salad. And do not miss the bread to slice the lemon sauce.

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