Chard skewer, Arzúa Ulloa and ham in tempura. Recipe


The bad reputation of chard may not make them palatable for an aperitif, but today with this skewer we are going to try to change this idea. Using the stalk, the most neutral and easy to combine part, we will make a skewer of chard, Arzúa Ulloa and ham in tempura.

The green part will surely have been eaten during the week cooked as a punishment for some of our excesses, so we are going to take revenge and let the ham give it the salty point and the Arzúa Ulloa cheese the creamy, tasty and sneaky kiss under the crunchy mantle of tempura.

Ingredients for six skewers

Three stalks of chard, 100 gr. Arzúa Ulloa cheese, tempura flour, cold water, six thin slices of Serrano ham, olive oil.

Preparation of chard skewer, Arzúa Ulloa and ham in tempura

We take the stalks and remove any remaining green leaf, remove the strings from the coarsest and most striped part, and steam them for ten minutes. While they cook, prepare the dough for tempura according to the manufacturer's instructions and reserve.

Once the leaves are cooked and cold, we cut them into equal parts, about six cm. of length. We take a portion of Arzúa Ulloa cheese with a teaspoon, and place it on one of the pieces of stalk, cover with another piece of chard stalk and roll it with a slice of ham, piercing the skewer with a toothpick.

We heat the oil in a deep frying pan. When it is very hot, we dip the skewers in tempura and fry them for a few minutes. We should not fry all the skewers at the same time, they must be able to dance in the pan, so we will do them two by two. We let the excess oil drain on a kitchen paper and serve immediately.

Processing time | 40 minutes
Difficulty | half


The creaminess of this cheese makes it a very good product to make melts and fillings. This skewer of chard, Arzúa Ulloa and ham in tempura is a good starter to offer before lunch as well as a use recipe, since we can take advantage of some leftover stalks when preparing a light vegetable dish.

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