Pisto manchego with poached eggs. Recipe


And to think that when I was a child I didn't like pisto ... How many years and years have I missed this delicacy from La Mancha. Manchego pisto is one of those dishes that can be eaten throughout the year, although it must be said that it is now, when the onions are new and the field is beautiful, when it is best and tastiest.

The ingredients for about 5 servings of ratatouille are: 1/2 kg of onions, 1/2 kg of zucchini, 200 g of red pepper, 200 g of green pepper, 300 g of tomato, oil, salt and bay leaf.

For poached eggs: water, 10% vinegar, and one or two eggs per person.

The way to make it is very simple, since you have to make the ingredients according to their preparation time, that is, from what takes the longest to make the least.

First we will prepare the tomatoes. In my case I have chosen some pear tomatoes, since they are more meaty and have fewer seeds. I have poached them, removed the skin and seeds and then chopped them. This is reserved for later use.

We will clean the onions, stripping them of what is worth to us and then cut them into pieces of approximately 1 cm. We will do the same with the peppers and zucchini.

Time to put the ingredients on the fire. We will start with the onion, after sautéing it for a few minutes, with a little salt so that it softens before, we will add the peppers. For about 10 or 12 minutes we will keep them over medium heat and stirring so that everything is done equally.

Now it's the turn of the zucchini and tomato. We add them to the onion and the pepper, which should already be tender. Stirring and over medium heat we will observe that the pisto reaches its ideal point. It should be 20 or 25 minutes for the ratatouille to be ready.

For the preparation of poached eggs I recommend the post on basic cooking techniques: Cooking eggs (II) where the steps to follow to obtain perfect eggs are detailed.

Manchego pisto is an excellent dish by itself accompanied by scrambled eggs, poached (as in the recipe), although we can also put it as a garnish with rabbit, chicken, fried eggs, etc.

For lunch we have had an Inedit beer (I'll tell you another day about a beer tasting), but I would have loved to have the 2006 Carles Andreu Trepat that Calamar recommended to us a few days ago.

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