Fresh goat cheese, figs and honey pizza: recipe for a different dinner


Pizza with fresh goat cheese, figs and honey is one of those exquisite combinations that recall exotic flavors from elsewhere. Halfway between sweet and salty, we cannot say that it sins neither one nor the other, because the ingredients are balanced and it is delicious.

On some occasion I have prepared it with a goat roll, ideal if you like it with a very pronounced flavor to this type of cheese, but for me, as I bring it to you today, I find it exquisite and I encourage you to try it.


For 4 people
  • Wheat flour 200 g
  • Water 100 ml
  • Extra virgin olive oil 25 ml
  • Fresh baker's yeast 12 g
  • Salt, 1 teaspoon
  • Fresh goat cheese 250 g
  • Figs 6
  • Honey 25 ml
  • Fresh basil, to taste

How to make fresh goat cheese, fig and honey pizza

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 50 m
  • Elaboration 30 m
  • Cooking 20 m
  • Repose 1 h 10 min

We will start by preparing our homemade pizza dough. To do this, add the warm water and oil, dry yeast and sugar in a bowl. We stir with a few rods and leave ten minutes to check that the yeast foams and works correctly.

Then we add the flour with the salt and knead with our hands until we achieve an elastic dough that does not stick. We leave it in a container in a warm place for an hour to light. When time passes we degas and stretch it on a baking tray or pizza stone, it will still grow a little while the filling is prepared. We preheat the oven to 220 degrees with heat from below.

For the filling, we crumble three-quarters of the fresh goat cheese and spread it over the dough. We cut the figs into quarters and distribute them on top of the cheese. We bake for twenty to twenty five minutes. When we see the dough cooked, we remove the pizza from the oven and spread the rest of the cheese in crumbs, the honey on top and the fresh basil leaves. We serve immediately.

With what to accompany the pizza with fresh goat cheese, figs and honey

The fresh goat cheese, figs and honey pizza is a very original version to serve for dinner. Although it does not have many ingredients, it is a filling variety, both for the cheese and the fruit, so simply accompanied by a salad we already have a complete meal for the night.

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