Smoked salmon pizza. Recipe


I've been away for a few days, specifically in Finland, and I have to say that this smoked salmon pizza recipe is just a coincidence. I had it ready before I left, in fact I did it during Spain's last game at the World Cup in South Africa. Today, while I watch the beginning of the last match of the phase, I take the opportunity to publish it.

The truth is that it is very simple, and in my case, in order for it to continue being smoked salmon, it is essential to add it at the end of everything. The rest we can make it very simple or as complicated as we want. Although if I tell you the truth, then the trip to Finland would complicate everything that was necessary.


  • 250 gr of strength flour, 15 gr of fresh baker's yeast, 1 teaspoon of salt, 15 ml of olive oil and 125 ml of warm water.
  • For the top, tomato sauce with a little dill, 100 g of mozzarella and 100 g of smoked salmon.

Preparation of the smoked salmon pizza

We make the dough as on other occasions. We mix all the ingredients and knead. We let it rest until it doubles in size and we stretch it into the desired shape.

We put the tomato to reduce in a saucepan and add the dill. Let cool and put on the stretched pizza base. We continue placing the cheese. And the additional ingredients that we want (olives, capers, etc.).

Bake at 210 ºC for 15 minutes, with the preheated oven.

And we finish by placing the smoked salmon once we take it out of the oven. We serve.

Processing time | 2 hours
Difficulty | Half


The touch that I would put on this smoked salmon pizza recipe is a red onion that I have eaten a lot and I have not been disappointed. It's like an onion cut into julienne strips and marinated in some kind of vinegar that is to die for. I'm not going to stop until I get the recipe. Of course, I would put this onion before putting the pizza in the oven.

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