Scallop pizza and Arzúa Ulloa. Recipe


Today a pizza with Galician flavor and it is a recipe for pizza with scallops and Arzúa Ulloa. About pizza I can tell you two things mainly, the first is that since I discovered in Vigo three months ago a pizza with this cheese, I think that mozzarella has been definitively banished from my pizzas. And on the other hand, the Scallops provide an amazing sea flavor. The bad thing is the water they release, but that has a solution. Let's see the recipe.


  • For the dough 200 g of strength flour, 50 g of semolina (substitutable for the same amount in flour), 5 g of instant baker's yeast, 20 ml of extra virgin olive oil, 125 ml of water and 1 teaspoon of salt .
  • We will also need 6 very beautiful scallops, 2 tablespoons of crushed tomato, 50 g of Arzúa Ulloa cheese and a few teaspoons of coriander pesto (optional).

How to make a scallop and Arzúa Ulloa pizza

To make the pizza dough we will put all the ingredients (of the dough) in a bowl and mix them. Once they are more or less mixed, we will knead with our hands until we get an elastic and slightly moist dough. Let it ferment until the volume doubles.

When the dough has folded, we divide it in two and stretch it on the table with a little semolina, giving it a more or less round shape. If we want a thicker edge we can do it, we press the dough with one hand, leaving 2 cm of the edge free and with the other we bring it to the center, colliding with the hand that we had left and therefore making a thick edge.

Add the tomato and spread it leaving the edge without dough. Then we will put the cheese cut into pieces and finally the scallops. We bake at 230 ºC for 8 or 9 minutes. At the last minute we will see that the pizza has some water on top, released by the scallops. Well, we tilt the pizza a little to remove the broth and finish cooking.

Processing time | 2 hours Difficulty | Half


As I mentioned at the beginning, this Arzúa Ulloa and scallop pizza is really a delight to the palate. Flavor of the sea and Galicia on all four sides.

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