The Princess Table Chef griddle for families who want to eat healthy is at a minimum price on Amazon


Something as simple as cooking grilled chicken fillets can become a real odyssey if there are more than two of us at home. Generally, you are forced to do it in turns in a normal-size pan or if you plan to get a griddle, the average size is for three servings (at most).

That is why it is not a bad investment to get this Princess 102325 Table Chef that we find at a historical minimum price on Amazon, because for the value of a medium-size one, we have this XXL at 50%, specifically for 100.92 51.99 euros.

It is a non-stick iron, with a high-quality double-layer coating that does not need more than a damp cloth or kitchen paper to clean it (the manufacturer recommends doing it when the iron is still hot), another important point to bear in mind. counts if we are looking for something practical.

But what really makes this Princess special is its 4 mm thickness and the large cooking surface (60x36 cm), which allows you to prepare a good portion of shrimp or grilled entrails for up to 6 people.

Princess 102325 Table Chef XXL, 60x36 cm surface, 4 mm extra thick plate, 2500 W

Amazon RRP € 51.99 Ebay RRP € 83.71 Worten RRP € 136.37

All this completed with a power of up to 2500W that provides uniform heat throughout the plate so that our dishes cook evenly. The price also includes four wooden shovels to facilitate the task.

Shipping on Amazon is free as long as your order reaches the minimum amount of 29 euros or you are subscribed to Prime (you can try it free for a month)

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