Single dish or first and second? the question of the week


In general, in Spain we are used to the daily food of first and second course and, if it is served, dessert and coffee. We do not talk about the cigar, that the smoke does not suit us all at lunchtime. But this custom is beginning to be replaced by highly illustrated unique dishes, which combine a main meal, meat or fish, with a side of vegetables or salad and a carbohydrate garnish, usually based on rice or potatoes. Today we want to press your opinion and tastes when it comes to facing your daily meal, with this question:

Single dish or first and second?

Tell us how you like to eat, surely you will find a moment between hake and tomato to give us your opinion. You have an appointment with us in our answers section, we are waiting for you.

Do you know well the calendar of seasonal products?

Few of us are experts in it, we all would like to know it better. The seasonal food calendar is a pending issue, as we have seen through your answers. Nostalgia for other times, in which it was natural to learn it by attending the market counters, has been very present, as we see in the words of Franchessca, a convinced consumer of products of the time:

I still remember with great nostalgia how those tomatoes tasted that my father plucked from the tomato plant, washed in the pool stream, and offered us like this, with nothing more than a few grains of salt ... They tasted great! I try to consume seasonal products, out of my own conviction, although I recognize that every day it is more difficult to succumb to temptation when we see a lot of tempting products displayed before us, knowing that there are still months before we can consume seasonal ones. It is something that we should all be aware of: food has its ideal time to be consumed, then we can obtain those minerals, vitamins, proteins, the nutrients we need, in other foods that nature offers us in that season. You cannot have during the four seasons of the year what is typical of a single season. We are punishing nature too much

Carlosmata has left us speechless with his seedlings and self-grown vegetables:

Of course. I have a small garden in which I try to grow various kinds of vegetables, and I have no choice but to respect the temporality. I made a few small attempts to set up a small greenhouse, but it is so small that it doesn't make up for me. Next Sunday I will plant the tomatoes, optimal class, and I hope to start harvesting in mid-June. I have another seedbed leaving the bushes, to transplant in about 30 days so that the harvest comes later. And so on with everything that fits me. Hopefully all the people who regularly consume vegetables, would realize the difference in flavor, texture, etc. of some vegetables harvested in season or out of it. The question would be: Is it necessary to eat tomatoes in the month of January or February, out of season, when we have a number of products such as chard, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, escaroles etc. who are in their prime?

Seven days and seven menus to reflect on await us, remember our question of the week, Single dish or first and second? We await you with wide open ears in our Answers Section.

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