Mosca’s style chicken with garlic: Italian-style recipe as tasty as it is simple

Mosca´s is one of the most famous restaurants in the state of Louisiana. Located near New Orleans, its proposal could be defined as Italian-Creole cuisine: a hybrid between the tradition of Italian immigrants with the Creole tradition of the area, the peculiar mix of African, French, Spanish and Caribbean gastronomy that constitutes the greatest culinary heritage of this part of the world.

Since it opened in 1946, Mosca´s has been famous for creating dishes such as Mostra Oysters, crab salad and the dish we are dealing with today, Pollo a la Grande.

We are faced with a recipe as simple as it is tasty, which would not be out of place in a Spanish recipe book: it does not fail to remember enormously our chicken with garlic, but executed using a technique that undoubtedly draws on the unique cultural concoction of this region of the United States. United.

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In the restaurant they prepare the dish in a cast iron skillet, but it can be done perfectly in any large frying pan or low casserole. The important thing for this recipe to turn out well is not to be afraid to fry the chicken well before stewing it, and to have fresh rosemary as much as possible, the rest is a piece of cake.


For 2 persons
  • Chicken 800 g
  • White wine 300 ml
  • Garlic clove 8
  • Tablespoon fresh rosemary (or one dried rosemary) 3
  • Tablespoons fresh oregano (or one dried oregano) 3
  • Salt
  • Ground black pepper
  • Extra virgin olive oil 120 ml

How to make Mosca´s style garlic chicken

Difficulty: medium
  • Total time 35 m
  • Elaboration 20 m
  • Cooking 15 m

We have calculated this recipe to use a whole chicken, to which we remove the breasts and all their casings for other elaborations. It goes without saying that only thighs, thighs or wings can be used, in the proportion that you like, but without chopping.

Once we have the chicken pieces separated, we put them in a large bowl and cover them with the wine. We remove the pieces well so that they are all wet, remove the wine and reserve it separately. Season the chicken generously.

In the deep frying pan or low casserole, heat the oil and, over medium-high heat, fry the chicken. We must turn all the pieces so that they are well fried everywhere, until there is an intense brown color. This operation will take us 20 minutes.

While the chicken is cooking, mash the peeled garlic cloves with the help of a mortar. If the teeth are small, we use more. We can fit up to a whole head.

When the chicken is ready, remove the pan from the heat and add the crushed garlic, rosemary, oregano and wine that you had reserved, and stir everything well. We return to put the pan on low heat, cover it and cook the mixture until the sauce is reduced and the chicken is tender. Since we have fried the chicken well, this should not take more than 15 minutes. If after this time the sauce is still too watery, we can uncover the pan, raise the heat and let it reduce a little. We serve immediately.

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