Baked chicken: 27 easy and delicious recipes

The protagonist of our recipes today will surely have entered your kitchen on some occasion, and this It is the chicken. This lighter and easier to digest white meat bird than red meat, low in calories and high in protein, which everyone likes, especially the smallest of the house.

In Directo al Paladar we are very friendly to recipes with chicken meat in all its versions, the tender stilts, the healthy breast or the funny wings, are present in many of our dishes. Although today what we want to pay tribute to is baked chicken, a classic in every house that comes in many versions with these 27 baked chicken recipes, all for finger licking.

Classic Baked Chicken

How many Sundays will he have eaten baked chicken! I do not know if for its comfort of preparation, its adjusted price or because with a chicken there is already food for four, but the classic baked chicken is as its name says and worth the redundancy, a classic in all kitchens.

Very simple to carry out we can have the most traditional recipe or others with tradition and also longing, like this baked chicken from my grandmother, in this case from Pakus, with all the wisdom of the usual cooks, a recipe that you cannot to lose. We can also resort to a more French-style chicken such as this fantastic Robuchon-style baked chicken, which as a good French chef uses butter in its recipe that gives it a special aroma.

If you like classic baked chicken, but you are lazy because of how the oven looks after roasting, yours is this recipe for baked chicken in a bag, since in this way, the meat is browning and juicy, but no splashing.

Another classic form of baked chicken, but in this case with an intermediate step of cooking in water, is this original two-baked chicken, a different way of preparing it that increases its juiciness.

Finally, and for those who do not want to waste time in the kitchen, this delicious roasted chicken with marinated potatoes, a way to have the meat and the garnish ready at the same time, which avoids losing it by frying the potatoes in a pan.

Baked chicken with fruit and vegetables

Fruit and chicken have always combined perfectly. There are many recipes where these ingredients are combined, especially citrus, to give it that acidic point that makes the chicken recipe degrease.

We start with a classic, baked chicken with lemon. Here, thanks to the lemon, a delicious sauce will be formed, which invites you to dip bread like crazy. It also combines great with other citrus fruits such as this case of baked chicken with orange, a recipe with an intense flavor thanks to the marinade where the meat is kept for a few hours or with a plus of baked orange chicken flavor with paprika.

And if you do not know which one to keep, then I recommend this baked chicken with citrus and maple syrup, where orange and lemon are combined with maple syrup.

You will also love this recipe for baked chicken with grapes, shallots and mushrooms, ideal for any day, but also for a day of celebration and celebration. If you are of simpler dishes, then this baked chicken with mushroom sauce is yours, with a tremendously addictive sauce or even this colorful baked chicken caramelized with plums.

Among the recipes with fruits, you must also make a place for this recipe for baked chicken with olives, an original recipe where the olives are hidden under the skin of the bird, giving it flavor.

Baked chicken with herbs and spices

Mild-flavored chicken meat appreciates spicy hints of herbs and various toppings. We start with some well-known people from our kitchen that give rise to this classic recipe for baked chicken in garlic and paprika sauce or the simple, but original, baked chicken with forty cloves of garlic.

If you are of more Provencal flavors you will surely love this recipe for baked chicken with fine herbs, this one for roasted chicken with rosemary and lemon or one for baked chicken with honey and mustard.

With a more caloric point, but full of flavor, I have found that roasted chicken dish with aromatic herbs and bacon, a delicious recipe with the rich aroma that bacon provides.

Of more exotic flavor we find these three recipes. A first of baked chicken with spices, with a fantastic spicy mixture that creates a very appetizing golden coating on the meat.

Also this recipe with a touch of baked chicken morocco with cumin, raisins and almonds or this more Asian baked chicken with thyme, lime and tandoori spices, these provide an exotic touch that is very well complemented by the acidity of the lime and the aromas of thyme.

Baked chicken with beer

If there is an alcoholic drink that goes well with chicken meat, that is beer. So I couldn't stop bringing you a dish with this combination of ingredients. For example, the classic baked chicken with beer or the fun recipe for baked chicken sitting in beer that you will have seen on American websites.

Baked chicken with a special touch

Chicken meat is so versatile that it admits different flavors and products accompanying it in the oven. Proof of this are these three recipes:

  • Baked chicken with chorizo ​​and potatoes
  • Baked chicken marinated milk and potatoes

So far, our extensive collection of 27 baked chicken recipes, with which you can be inspired so that your kitchen with this type of baked meat is never boring.

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