Why thicken a sauce with flour being able to do it differently


Thickening a sauce with flour I think that nowadays it should be considered a kind of sacrilege in the kitchen or something similar, I don't know, for me it is almost aberrant (exaggerating a bit). Today you can use other types of thickeners that do not contain gluten. That's where I want to go, gluten.

I tell you this because a few days ago I met to chat with Ana and Víctor, they have a blog called Walking without gluten. Come on, with that name it is understood that they are a blog about celiac disease. We went to eat some very famous patatas bravas in Madrid and it turns out that the sauce was thickened with flour.

As the sinner is not a thing to say, with sin in this case it works, and since the patatas bravas on this site are the best in all of Madrid, I will not say the name of the bar in question. I think it is understood that it is not the object of my complaint.

I go further, I go to the why of the need to thicken the sauces necessarily with flour. Why does a brava sauce have to be thickened with flour instead of just letting it reduce until it thickens because of that strange effect it does when the water in the ingredients evaporates.

Discussing it with Victor, we reached a conclusion. And it is that flour (wheat) is cheap. And therefore, it is better to thicken a sauce to obtain 10 liters than otherwise, if we let it reduce we would obtain half.

He commented that there are other thickeners, for example rice flour, I also don't want to establish a list of thickeners for food use. But it is true that rice flour serves to thicken. I would even say that the cooked and mashed rice itself serves to thicken it. But it is not as cheap as wheat flour.

Another problem is what we have commented on other occasions. Hospitality professionals and non-professionals do not have sufficient training. The costs to use other thickeners are not crazy but there is neither the training nor the culture necessary to carry out a simple modification of an ingredient in a sauce. Pity.

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