Why does food taste so bad on the plane?

Desserts Clouds are more palatable

This is a question that everyone who has “enjoyed” the increasingly scarce menus on board has asked themselves. Why does food taste so bad on the plane? In fact, it has even become a phrase with which to disparage something we are eating on the ground: surely more than once you will have heard the expression "it tastes like airplane food."

The point is that, although many companies are striving to improve the quality of their food, hiring great chefs to design elaborate dishes for the lucky business class, they play science against them.

Many studies, some carried out by the airlines themselves, reveal that the sense of smell changes a lot due to the hygrothermal conditions in the cabin - the degree of humidity is very low, drying out the nose - as well as that of taste, due to the change in the air pressure, which bloats the taste buds.

That explains why so much tomato juice is consumed on airplanes - the same amount as beer - because it tastes much less acidic than on land, where we hardly find a few bricks for sale in the supermarket. It is also the reason why richly spicy dishes are chosen.To try to stimulate our senses, which are out of the loop.

It is a bit like when we are constipated or with the flu: the food does not taste like anything. In fact, cooking in that state is a danger, because it is useless to taste a sauce, we would not know how to distinguish whether it is sweet or salty. The same on the plane.

Another thing that works against him is logistics. Imagine the smallest kitchen in the smallest mini-apartment that you have ever seen; Well, there they prepare food for the entire plane, turbulence included. Also, for obvious safety reasons, there cannot be a fire on board, so the food is basically heated in convection ovens, which make the food more dry to top it all.

Although it looks good, then it tastes like cork

So for now, we have a depleted senses that are going to taste a reheated meal. Good. If on top of that we add the whole trip that that food makes from the catering company that has prepared it, hopefully not many hours before, the changes in temperature and humidity and a thousand more doggies, the strange thing is that it tasted good.

This second part explains why train food isn't a big deal either, no matter how hard they try to offer flashy menus for first-class passengers. Speaking from experience, the sandwich from the cafeteria car is usually better.

The fact that, even in business, one eats uncomfortably does not help either. The rattle of the train, the ups and downs of the plane, the stewardesses constantly passing by or even the noise of the engines, make the environment not the most suitable to indulge in the second capital sin.

Given the seen, it seems logical that the food on the plane tastes so bad. Chefs do what they can to design dishes that awaken our senses, but more than taste bad, it usually does not taste like anything.

And you, why do you think food tastes so bad on the plane?

Via | The NY Times, Cooking Ideas
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