Desserts and other sweets, by Pamela Rodríguez. Recipe book


Finally, Desserts and other sweets shops, the first recipe book by Pamela Rodríguez, responsible for the Uno de Dos blog and former partner of Directo al Paladar, is finally released. A pastry book full of varied proposals, aimed at those who enjoy preparing the sweetest delicacies, which we can enjoy from next May 14.

A total of 75 recipes, spread over 254 pages, are what give content to the book. Accompanied, all of them, by photos so attractive that they will make you feel like devouring their pages. An easy to follow book with clear explanations. Some of the recipes are accompanied by step-by-step photos, which helps no one get frustrated. Reflection of the good work that Pamela does on her blog. You only need to hold the specimen in your hands to realize, or intuit, that what we are going to find inside is worthy of our time. The edition is neat, hardcover and resistant. Desserts and other sweets are medium in size, manageable and comfortable.

How the book is structured

Desserts and other sweets is divided into seven distinct chapters. All of them start with a slight initial description of what they include, which helps us to prepare ourselves with respect to what we are going to find when we turn the page.

I'm a white belt

Recipes for everyone, without exception. For beginners and expert cooks. The recipes that make up this chapter are perfect for when we don't have a lot of free time to dedicate to the stove. Orange and chocolate coconuts, cheese and red fruit grinders, nougat sponge cake, are just some of the names of the recipes that we can find.

From boat to boat

Simple formulas with which to make sweet pleasures presented in jars, such as jams, creams, custards, cakes and other sweets such as apple tiramisu, dulce de leche, glass cheesecake or condensed milk flan.

For the love of freezing you

Homemade ice cream, easy to prepare and for which you do not need strange gadgets, or impossible tricks, or, of course, special ingredients. The mango poles, so simple to make and so tempting, have caught my attention. But recipes such as the two tastes frozen cake, the salted caramel ice cream and the mojito sorbet have not been far behind. Covering the tastes of each and every one of us.

SOS, I want to be like God

A section in which Pamela shares her most surprising recipes. Those that make our diners speechless when they see them and fascinated when trying them. Recipes worth the extra effort that go into it, like Japanese cheesecake, Belgian waffles or crullers.

Galicia in vein

An endearing and very personal chapter in which the author compiles those recipes that have accompanied her from childhood to the present. Full-fledged Galician pastries: pancakes, gingerbreads, pumpkin chulas, bica mantecada and many more. To start salivating and not stop.

With masses and crazy

Pamela has always shown a weakness for fermented sweet doughs, which is evident in this chapter. It is no wonder this is his favorite chapter, or almost. The proposals it collects are simple but require an essential ingredient, patience. Having it, you will have no problem making some cream and raisin shells or some Chelsea rolls.

Extra ball

The distinctive note comes with the last chapter, dedicated to savory doughs and breads. Because pastry is also made up of whole wheat pizza spirals, bonito dumplings, sliced ​​bread, croutons and many more recipes. To which more attractive.

Desserts and other sweets

Author I Pamela Rodríguez
Editorial I Larousse
ISBN I 978-84-16124-92-3
Price I € 15

Desserts and other sweets, by Pamela Rodríguez, is an essential in the kitchen of all those who like a good sweet. It is a book for irrepressible sweet tooth, full of tempting proposals. An enjoyment for all the senses, for its contents, its design, its binding and its photography. Well deserving of a space in our kitchens.

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