First day of the XV Edition of Madrid Fusión: great chefs, the light of the sea and even an edible "joint"


It has been 15 years since that first edition of the Madrid Fusión Congress, which offers us the best of national and international gastronomy every year. In parallel to the boom in the appreciation of gastronomy by society, in a process in which chefs have become media stars, the intensity of this Congress that started today in Madrid has also grown.

Over the years, the greatest chefs in the world have presented the most characteristic features of their kitchens, they have taught us techniques, ingredients, and they have taught the public - and especially their professional colleagues - the best of their knowledge.

Sharing knowledge has helped the evolution of this great knowledge that is gastronomy, and especially haute cuisine. On the first day of the XV edition of Madrid Fusión, great chefs, the rise of fermented products, the light of the sea and even an edible "joint".

XV edition of Madrid Fusion

Each edition, the increasing prominence of the sponsors is more noticeable, who have even changed the name of the congress, -now Asisa Madrid Fusión- in which each presentation is sponsored by a commercial brand. One of the most exciting moments of the celebration of this fifteenth edition, Jose Carlos Capel, interviewed great chefs and journalists who have been an essential part of the success and evolution of the gastronomic congress.

Pedro Subijana, Juan Mari Arzak, Andoni Aduriz, Angel León, Quique Dacosta, Joan Roca, Albert Adrià, Rafa García Santos, Francisco López-Canis, Manolo de la Osa and Martín Berasategui, to name the most representative, participated in a celebration which culminated in the birthday cake, made by Paco Torreblanca for the occasion.

The Presentations in the Auditorium

The morning began with a presentation dedicated to living foods, in which the tandem Mario Sandoval and Diego Cabrera, spoke to us about fermented foods, perhaps one of the foods with the most future, and that in the hands of the great chef and the mixologist were part of dishes and cocktails. Products such as Kombucha or kimchi, are incorporated into cocktails and sausages in the hands of the speakers.

Argentina is the guest country this year at Madrid Fusión and also had its logical representation in the auditorium with the presentation Tierras by Germán Martitegui and Tato Giovannoni. We also saw the presentation on Cacao and Chocolate by María Fernanda Di Giacobbe or the Difícil Camino de la Simidad, by the Italian Niko Romito who prepared some lentils with garlic oil and white truffle.

Some of the best moments of the day were still missing, such as the presentation by Angel León, "Luces abysales" on the road until the light was brought to the table, by synthesizing the luziferina and luziferosa, two enzymes that when joined in a base liquid, they produce luminescence. Although it was almost impossible to get images of that moment, seeing it live was a real delight.

Another of the great moments, despite the fact that nobody understood anything since there was no simultaneous translation, was the presentation by Dutchman Jonnie Boer, who surprised with his Kombucha or fermented tea, giving 600 congress attendees a kit to do it at home and what he did a nod to its origin from Amsterdam, including in the kit an edible "joint" made with wild mint, chocolate and pistachio wrapped in an ovulate leaf.

The morning concluded in the auditorium with the award ceremony for the Chef of the Year in Europe, which also went to Angel León, who received his award for his work in Aponiente and his culinary research to the applause of the attendees.

Also, in Madrid Fusion

In addition to the activity of the Main Auditorium where the gastronomic Congress takes place, the Saborea España presentations, the master workshops and the Multipurpose Stage program are held simultaneously, where producers, commercial brands and other speakers present their knowledge.

Every day, we will be in Madrid Fusión to find out about all the news and to be able to share with all of you the most interesting presentations and our impressions. We will continue telling you.

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