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But how bad envy is, because my partner Pintxo does not reach me and he tells me "that if I also want my wine for my Christmas Menu: recipes of first courses, that if why to Fiona if and not to me, that if of course Since I am a boy and she is a girl ... "Well, nothing, in the end I had to choose a wine for those first courses.

For the occasion, the choice of a red wine seemed more appropriate, yes, light, and what better lightness than that provided by Bodegas Fariña with its Primero, a young wine although very complete and round.

A respectful construction with the environment houses the modern winery that for many years was the engine that energized the entire D.O. Bull. At its doors, the wide and frank smile of Manuel Fariña is a faithful reflection of the philosophy that he intends to infuse his wines.

Manolo is an endearing person, one of those who make you feel comfortable by his side. It shows its wineries and vineyards with the same pride with which a father talks about a son. Manolo's professional life is the epicenter of a family that for three generations have lived constantly with their eyes fixed on the sky and the ground. A life dedicated entirely to the vine and to wine goes a long way, and that experience, that pampering, is transferred to each and every one of the wine glasses that come out of its cellar. El Primero lives up to its name, it is a wine made by carbonic maceration with grapes harvested this year. Carbonic maceration is a wine fermentation process that consists of introducing whole grape clusters into tanks in order to achieve a very fresh, light product with a marked fruity character, but yes, with a very short life.

At first glance, the first shows a wine with an intense cherry color, with a vivid purple rim and a covered layer, at a glance it shows us as an intense and very vital wine.

On the nose it is expressive, full of reminiscences of red and black fruit, strawberry, blackberry ... and lactic aromas, which together with the fruit give off aromatic combinations similar to chewing gum or petit suisse (forgive for the easy description of the comparison, but it is the most graphic and precise way to illustrate it)

On the palate it is an unctuous, creamy, warm wine, full of fruity flavor, short but intense mid palate, easy to drink.

First of Fariña 2009

Winery: Fariña Area: Toro Type of grape: Tinta de Toro Wine: Young red carbonic maceration Graduation: 13.5º Price: 6 Euros Note: 7

Directly to the Paladar l San Román 2005 Directly to the Paladar l Camins del Priorat

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