We tested the Thermomix Cook Key and this is what we think


At this point, whether we have it or not, all kitchens know what Thermomix is, the star kitchen robot of the Vorwerk group, a multifunctional tool capable of cutting, mixing, whipping, emulsifying, kneading, chopping, cooking, frying and steaming . Its possibilities are so wide that both individuals and professionals have (I include myself) incorporated it into our kitchens and for many it is an essential in the kitchen. In fact, you already know that in Directo al Paladar we have many recipes in versions with and without Thermomix, so that you can squeeze it to the fullest.

Just three years ago, Vorwerk surprised us by launching the digital version of Thermomix, after ten years without any update to the previous model. The new robot, in addition to the aesthetic improvements, which gave it a futuristic style, had a touch screen and a pin for reading digital books that allow a guided kitchen that can be followed through a practical full color screen.

This year there is another interesting novelty: Cook-Key, an accessory with Wi-Fi support with which you can access the thousands of recipes available on Cookidoo, the official Thermomix recipe platform. Can you imagine how comfortable it is with this support to prepare all those recipes in guided cooking mode, without having to use the recipe books? We have tried the Thermomix Cook-Key and this is what it looks like to us.

How does Cookidoo work?

Before starting to use Cook-Key, you must register with Cookido, create an account and register. In this way, the Cook-Key can now be synchronized to this platform. It is a very simple process, and it will allow us to access all kinds of dishes, from international to national cuisine, for example vegetarian dishes. In addition, this platform is also available for mobile phones and tablets through its app.

This database brings together many proposals that can be saved, marked as favorites and even organized menus and sent the ingredients by mail, so we can print them and have the shopping list handy. Access is free, but if you have not previously registered on this website, you will not have access to its content, so it is worth registering.

How does Cook-Key work?

It goes without saying that the launch of Cook-Key has meant closing a circle of connectivity between the internet, Cookidoo and Thermomix, something that in my point of view was totally predictable, allowing us to connect to more than 10,000 recipes worldwide per about thirty-six euros a year.

This device is shaped like a tablet and is inserted into the same support where digital books are connected, on the left side. It is not an internet access, but only a way to connect to Cookidoo and be able to access the recipes that are there.

The available options are displayed through the kitchen robot screen, being able to navigate through the different folders that we have created and access the recipes that interest us, to prepare them following the step by step that is indicated. If you have books of the brand in digital format, they can also be linked for free.

Is it difficult to start using Cook-Key?

Absolutely not. As it happens when handling the Thermomix, the steps are very well explained and it is enough to follow them to the letter to start handling all the recipes that we have at our disposal, and I assure you that they are many and very appetizing.

There are only three steps required before you start using Cook-Key: firstly setting up our Cookidoo account, secondly connecting Cook-Key with the Thermomix, and finally connecting Cook-Key to the internet. It's that simple, after these three steps we only have to choose a recipe and start executing it.

Conclusions and personal assessment

I found it very convenient to have all the digital books, collections, weekly planner, etc. in a single device. Guided cooking makes the work much easier, especially for those who are just starting to cook, as it can help them gain confidence in front of the stove, and start experimenting with new recipes.

What has seemed impractical to me is that direct navigation from the Thermomix screen is not possible, the recipes have to be searched through the tablet, laptop or mobile phone and then they always have to be synchronized. It is important to have a good WiFi signal, otherwise navigation can be a bit slow.

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